Illinois budget battle forcing cuts at colleges, universities
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Illinois budget battle forcing cuts at colleges, universities

Seven and a half months into the Illinois budget crisis, lawmakers wonder whether financial turmoil at universities and colleges will finally force the Legislature and governor to work out a spending plan. Since July 1 the state has continued to pay its employees and fund a patchwork of agencies and programs as dictated by law or under a group of court rulings. Higher education has not been funded in most cases.

QUINCY -- After all Mariyah Brawner-Henley did Thursday night, one question lingered. What can't the 2014 Great Lakes Valley Conference women's basketball player of the year do? "Play again next year," Lewis coach Kristen Gillespie said. That's the only po

AS FOOTBALL fans geared up for the high holy day of sports last Sunday, researchers at Boston University confirmed that the late, great NFL quarterback Ken Stabler was suffering from high Stage 3 chronic traumatic encephalopathy when he died last July.

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