Veterinarian treated pets, customer with great care

Posted: May. 15, 2017 2:35 pm

To The Herald-Whig:

I'm writing in response to a letter I recently read that was written by Joy Middendorf about Katherine Road Animal Hospital and Dr. Andrew Kaiser.

She seemed quite upset with the court system and state's attorneys handling the case. I can't speak on this personally, except from what was in the newspaper or I heard on the news reports.

Believe me, I'm a great lover of all animals, and they're very special to me. But what I know for sure is only from my own personal experience with KRAH.

Dr. Kaiser has cared for my cat, my cockatiel and dog in years past. He has only treated me with kindness and respect over the years. Josie, my cat, lived till she was 17. My cockatiel passed three years ago. But my most recent experience was April 3, when I had decided to put down my 13-year-old dog, Amber.

I could go on about how great a companion she was to me.

But to get to the point of my letter, I could not watch her suffer, so it was my decision. I was permitted to be with her when she was euthanized. This was a new experience for me. But I appreciated it so much to be by her side through her ordeal. I received many hugs and love with condolences from everyone involved.

Dr. Kaiser was wonderful to me, as he always has been, and Brandy, his groomer/assistant, held my hand through this whole period of her illness and treatment up until her death. They hand delivered her to me recently with love from everyone at KRAH.

I can understand how people would be upset about the previous situation that Middendorf discussed in her letter about the allegations that were made, but I can only speak from my heart how I was treated wonderfully and professionally.

It took me a while to respond to this article in The Herald-Whig because of grieving my loss of my baby girl. But I had to respond the best way I knew how to the treatment I received with love and caring.

That's what I know for sure.


Nancy R. Parrish


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