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New ambulance building to be repaired

By Herald-Whig
Posted: May. 18, 2017 10:25 am

CARTHAGE, Ill. -- Hancock County Ambulance Service is making some renovations as it prepares to move into its new building.

The Hancock County Board approved a measure to declare the condition of the roof an emergency and expedite the process. The ambulance service is expected to move into the new building at the start of next week.

"Traditionally, the bidding could take up to 120 days," said County Board Chairman Delbert Kreps. "We declared it an emergency to get it done sooner before we run into more problems."

Kreps said the county will purchase materials and bid out labor. He expects the project to be completed for less than $30,000, and believes insurance will cover a significant portion of the project. Kreps said Ambulance Coordinator Gabe Smeltser has three companies interested in bidding on the project.

A move to annex the building into Carthage's city limits became unnecessary after discovering paperwork showing the property was annexed 17 years ago. The property must be considered within the city limits to be connected to the city's sewer line.

The board also authorized Smeltser to purchase equipment needed for the new facility, including updated technology and a generator. Kreps said the cost will remain under $30,000.

The board passed a resolution authorizing borrowing $250,000 from Marine Bank and Trust to pay for the building. An initial payment of $312,000 depleted the ambulance fund. The 10-year mortgage on the building will replenish it.

An easement has been granted to the Carthage Industrial Development Corporation for construction of a truck entrance into an industrial subdivision south of the ambulance headquarters.

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