Thanks to politicians who supported Illinois budget

Posted: Jul. 12, 2017 9:15 am

To The Herald-Whig:

Bravo to all the Illinois legislators who finally went beyond political games and worked out a state budget.

It is just sad when a situation has to come to the place where our government is on the verge of collapse because political ideology is more important than the damage being caused to the poorest and most vulnerable people in our state. Politicians are elected to represent the best interests of the people in their districts, not to follow an agenda handed down by a national party that, nowadays, seems to be controlled by big money interests rather than by the good of the vast majority of the people.

We have a budget that will start the long process of getting our state out of the debt that took both major political parties to get us into. We will all have to pay 1.2 percent more for our Illinois personal income tax, but we are still in the lower half compared to what people in other states pay.

I am truly disappointed that neither our senator, Jil Tracy, nor our representative, Randy Frese, could see their way to do the right thing and vote for the best interest of the people they supposedly serve.

Michael Thompson

Plymouth, Ill.

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