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Bradshaw returning to Griggsville-Perry bench

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Michael Kipley
By Herald-Whig
Posted: Aug. 5, 2017 12:01 am

GRIGGSVILLE, Ill. -- Todd Bradshaw thought his basketball coaching career had concluded when he stepped away two years ago.

He's restarting his career this season.

Bradshaw, who coached 15 of 16 seasons as the Griggsville-Perry boys basketball coach before resigning in 2015, will return to the Tornadoes sidelines this winter.

"It was just school and community pride," Bradshaw said. "I didn't have intentions of coming back to coach again. I was satisfied and pleased with everything we had accomplished in my 15 years at Griggsville-Perry."

The coaching position became available this offseason after coach Quincy Landreth, Bradshaw's successor, stepped down after two seasons with Griggsville-Perry. In the last two seasons, the Tornadoes went 12-37.

Bradshaw, a Griggsville alumnus, admitted it was difficult to watch the Tornadoes struggle the last two seasons.

"I knew there would be struggles because it was new coach, new system and players graduated," Bradshaw said. "The second season though, it was hard to watch sometimes. I'm not blaming the coach or the kids, but there was a prideful thing there that we should do our best."

While he was away, he and his wife had another child, and now have three boys ages 6, 4, and seven months. Bradshaw said they helped influence his decision.

"They're getting older and telling me, ‘Hey, dad, get back out there and coach,'" Bradshaw said. "They remembered me coaching and going to regional games. They wanted to do that again."

Bradshaw hopes he can have the same success he enjoyed before he left.

In 15 seasons with the Tornadoes, Bradshaw won more than 250 games and won three regional championships. His third regional crown came in 2015 when Griggsville-Perry upset top-seeded Payson Seymour 58-50 in the Class 1A Mount Sterling final. It was the program's seventh regional title and first since 2008.

Griggsville-Perry fell in the sectional semifinals to Springfield Lutheran, ending a run that was led by a starting lineup of five seniors.

"I knew there was going to be a drop off, but that wasn't the reason why I gave it up," Bradshaw said. "It was more family, and I felt I had put my time in. I figured it was time for the program to have a fresh start."

The Tornadoes will be in a similar situation this winter as the one when Bradshaw left. Griggsville-Perry graduated seven seniors, including starters Jonathan Myers, Ian Smith and Max Stinebaker.

"We're starting from scratch," Bradshaw said. "It's going to be tough because we graduated a big class. It's going to be one of the biggest challenges I've ever had."

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