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Simple ways to start saving on your water bill -- today

Cut down on your water bill and you're really a double winner. You will not only save yourself some cash; you'll be conserving one of our planet's most precious resources. More>>

7 reasons fall is the right time to replace your roof

When you need a new roof installed, fall is the perfect time of year. More>>

Apple’s HomeKit gets an update along with iOS 9

Apple released an iOS 9 update on Wednesday that included a few upgrades to HomeKit, along with the other changes such as including the ability to work remotely using iCloud, no Apple TV needed. More>>

10 affordable ways to add fast curb appeal to your home

If you've just listed your house with a real estate broker -- or are merely daydreaming about putting your place on the market someday -- you've no doubt heard of the importance of curb appeal. Here are 10 affordable ways you can add fast curb appeal to your home. More>>

Take cuttings now and overwinter your garden indoors

Take cuttings from your favorite plants and have them ready to transfer indoors when the warm weather starts turning nippy. More>>

Tips for successful homeownership as a single

News flash: Singles make up approximately one third of home buyers these days  -- 21 percent single women and 10 percent single men. More>>

5 DIY home improvement projects that newbies will love

If you are a total newbie at the DIY game, you want something that doesn't demand an engineering degree and a garage full of power tools -- a home improvement task that you will not only start, but also have a good chance of finishing. More>>

Prep your house and help it sell

Even though the real estate market is recovering from last decade's crash, there is still a lot of competition out there, in the form of good-looking, competitively priced homes. It helps to carefully prepare your property before you offer it for sale. More>>

Sick of waiting for the dryer? New technology could dry clothes in minutes

Ayyoub Momen of Oak Ridge National Laboratory has come up with a new technology that dries clothes extremely quickly while using very little energy. More>>

7 reasons to update your electrical system

Modern electronic devices use a lot of power, making for plenty of reasons to update your electrical system to keep up with the times. More>>

Fire pit cooking fun

Your backyard fire pit offers more than just good looks, you know. Try grilling, roasting, and even baking over its open flames. More>>

Simple home improvements to enhance summer vacation

The sunny season offers an opportunity to tackle household projects which were impossible when the ground was shrouded in snow. Take on a simple DIY project or two that will actually enhance your summer vacation once it's done. More>>

Consumer reports takes liquid detergent pods off 'recommended' list

Consumer Reports said Thursday that it has removed liquid laundry pods from its "recommended" list because of the dangers they pose to small children. More>>

Custom furniture to make your backyard say "summer"

There are all kinds of fun furniture pieces and other installations which simply and inexpensively add a very special seasonal touch to your backyard. More>>

Realtor.com and Airbnb let you try a neighborhood before buying a house

If you're thinking of buying a new home, it's a pretty a big commitment. It's not just the house itself but the surrounding area that you're going to be stuck with for years. Now you can actually try out your new neighborhood before you sign on the dotted line.


Leaky pipes may mean tainted tap water

It's long been thought that leaks in water pipes wouldn't pose a health threat to the water supply. But a new study suggests otherwise. More>>

How to plant tomatoes

The key? Hurry up and wait. More>>

Why you should be using your dishwasher

The dishwasher has revolutionized cleaning, even though many people still do it by hand. Yet experts all agree on one thing: It's time to turn to technology, if it's available to you.


Mow with safety in mind

Before you get ready to cut your grass, remember lawn mowers can pose a significant injury risk, experts say. More>>

Mother's Day gift ideas from the garden

The garden can be a surprisingly inspiring place when looking for the perfect DIY Mother's Day gift. More>>

Safety tips hot off the grill

This barbecue season, make sure the only thing at risk of getting burned is the food. More>>

As the weather warms, avoid gardening's pitfalls

Exercise and fresh food are among the benefits of gardening, but there are also potential hazards that you can take steps to avoid, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. More>>

6 ways spring cleaning can save money and reduce debt

Start national financial literacy month with money-saving spring cleaning.


Ready to buy a home? Good credit and planning are the keys

9 ways to overcome obstacles to owning a home.


6 cost-conscious routes to boosting your home's value

Balance debt and value when choosing home improvement projects.

Rent or sell your home?

How to choose the best way to handle a house you are leaving. More>>

You’re doing it wrong: Scientists say there’s a better way to load the dishwasher

A few months ago, a semi-frustrated dad posted a YouTube video that featured him giving tongue-in-cheek instructions to his teens on how to load a dishwasher. It turns out most of us could use a similar video, as we have been performing this household chore all wrong. More>>

Need to sell your house ASAP? Opendoor will buy it from you in minutes

There are lots of sites, such as Zillow and Trulia, that exist to help homebuyers. But what about those that are putting their house on the market?  More>>

10 tips for cutting winter costs

Preparing for cold weather can help keep winter expenses manageable.


How to decorate a fireplace mantel for fall

As the weather begins to cool and your family gathers around the living room fireplace, create a beautiful autumn mantel design to welcome the changing of the seasons.  More>>

A new twist on the Labor Day barbecue

Think Labor Day weekend is just another excuse for a barbecue?  Try celebrating the last days of summer in an all new way. More>>

Five essential tips for designing your kitchen

Here are some less traditional ways to think about kitchen design, whether your project is outfitting a rental kitchen in a tiny walk-up, or the kind of larger-scale remodel you dream about. More>>

8 barbecue party tips you need to know

Whether you're a first time planner, or seasoned professional, a barbecue is one of the most fun and exciting parties you can throw. More>>

Essential spring cleaning checklist for every home

Spring is here once again and you know what that means – it’s time for spring cleaning.

Does housework count as exercise?

Most household chores can count toward your physical activity quota, but to really stay fit, you need to make sure you're getting your heart rate up. More>>

The best flowers to plant in spring

Spring is a favorite time of year for many people. The weather is warming up after the cold winter, trees are beginning to bud and spring plants are blooming with vibrant flowers. More>>

6 nifty ways to organize your laundry room

Is it time for a laundry room overhaul? To become an organization pro, here is some advice that works like magic. More>>

5 naturally soothing scents

While we can’t always crawl into bed at any given hour in the day, we can surround ourselves with calming aromas at anytime. Here are five scents that have been proven to naturally soothe.

Formal Valentine's Day decoration ideas for the dining room

Whether it will be a romantic meal for two, or a festive holiday banquet for a large group, Valentine's Day décor will enhance your dining room's holiday atmosphere. More>>

Ways you can beat household odors

A busy home with sealed-up windows can lead to stale, unpleasant odors. And the last thing that any host wants to hear is, "What's that smell?" More>>

Winter chores made easier - and safer

Cold weather sure does make household tasks pile up. Before you tackle your to-do list, chill out with these tips from injury-prevention experts. More>>

5 inspiring new year's resolutions you can keep

If the new year’s resolutions you’ve made already sound unrealistic, here are some new ones that you’ll actually be inspired to keep. More>>

How can you recycle your Christmas tree?

Before you settle for a Christmas tree collection service, consider one of these ways to repurpose and recycle your tree. More>>

Keep a germ-free home for the holidays

The holidays are all about opening your doors and welcoming friends and family. But along with hostess gifts, your guests may also bring sniffle-causing viruses and colds.

How to decorate your home like a winter wonderland

Creating a white winter wonderland in your home to celebrate the holiday season can add a sparkle to this festive time of year. More>>

Get your kitchen holiday party-ready

The most important prep step? Plan ahead.

Streamline your holiday schedule

When it comes to staying organized over the holidays, being realistic instead of holding yourself to some fictional standard goes a long way toward staying sane during December. More>>

Etiquette tips for surviving social awkwardness

Whether you’re attending a holiday party, wedding, business event or other celebration, you can sometimes find yourself in an awkward situation and wishing Miss Manners were by your side. More>>

Smarten up your dumb house with Z-Wave Automation

If you're even moderately interested in DIY home automation, you've likely run across the name "Z-Wave" at some point.

Fall home makeover tips

Check out these predictions on the hottest house accessories for the season.


7 ways you haven't hurricane-proofed your home yet

Do these seven things now to protect your home and family.


Halloween decoration ideas for the office

If you find yourself spending more time at your desk than on your couch, there's no reason you can't celebrate the Halloween season in your office, and use these fun and festive décor ideas to liven up your work space. More>>

Make a small room seem bigger

Here are a few tricks that can make a small room seem more spacious More>>

7 laundry time savers

A national survey revealed that laundry ranks among our top three least favorite chores.

Make more money at your next garage sale

How do you bring in the buyers -- and get the most money for your attic treasures? More>>

Basil: The perfect summer herb

Basil is the quintessential garden plant -- equally happy to sprawl out over the expanse of a walled-in plot or flourish in a box on the window sill. More>>

3 projects to do for your dad on Father's Day

Don't buy the tie! There's no need for your standard go-to Dad's Day gift this year. Try one of these simple projects as a Father's Day present. More>>

Memorial Day games & activities for kids

Here are some active, outdoor games that are fun but simple to play; get ready to create summertime memories. More>>

5 germ hot spots you aren't cleaning

Here are five germ hot spots you're probably missing when you clean, and the most powerful tools to add to your cleaning arsenal today. More>>

Summer gardening guide

Summer is the time to freshen up the garden, pay careful attention to maintenance and enjoy the fruits of your labor. More>>

10 kitchen gadgets you probably don't need

There are many kitchen gadgets out there that claim to make your life simpler, but there might already be something in your kitchen that can do the same job. More>>

St. Patrick’s Day history, traditions & facts

It's the day when being Irish or even just attempting a lyrical brogue will make you an honorary member of the Emerald Isle. More>>

Turn your bedroom into a getaway

Your master bedroom should be your oasis from the rest of the world. And yet it's often the last room in the house to get a good makeover. More>>

De-clutter your life -- and your mind

Even for those who are not hoarders, holding on to large quantities of unnecessary stuff can raise anxiety and lower well-being. More>>

The most dangerous spiders in your home

Venomous spiders can be dangerous to those who spend time outside. These spiders occasionally find their way inside home and can present a serious risk. More>>

Are electric blankets safe?

Most safety problems related to use of an electric blanket are preventable.

Unique gift wrapping ideas

There's a wide world of ways to wrap a present. More>>

Vintage Christmas decorations

Holiday decorating goes through fashions and styles, and the tree you remember as if it was yesterday has become today's vintage look. More>>

Fun election-themed foods

This election year, try looking at the first Tuesday in November as what it truly is – the Super Bowl of politics! More>>

Living room clutter busters

You can transform this room from the messiest area in your home to the organized, relaxing family haven you desire. More>>

10 air purifying plants for the home

It turns out that houseplants aren't just a great way to spruce up a room, they can freshen the air in a room as well. More>>

What is steampunk home decor?

Part history and part imagination, steampunk creates a futuristic "past that never was," combining classic antique clocks, gears, fabric and accessories with modern, edgy touches. More>>

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