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Green space in cities may soothe the heart

Turning vacant lots into attractive green plots may make life less stressful for city residents, a new study suggests. More>>

Whoops. K-Cup inventor doesn’t use them, kind of regrets inventing them

What happens to all of those K-Cups after you've had your coffee? More>>

Electric motorcycle gangs: You'll never hear them coming

What's it like riding with a dozen or so electric motorcycles? Well, you can have a conversation at any stoplight.

Surprising energy vampires and how to subdue them

Is your home playing host to evil energy vampires? Also known as a "phantom," an energy vampire is any electrical device or appliance that consumes power even when it is on stand-by mode, or even turned off completely. More>>

Green winter clothes: Stay warm and save the planet

Wearing synthetic fabrics is a no-no if you're committed to saving the planet -- or even just wishy-washy about it. When you shop for winter duds, look for natural fibers that are sustainable, fair trade, and cruelty-free. More>>

Poop-powered bus hits British roads

The U.K.'s first poop-powered bus hit the road this week, ferrying fare-paying passengers around parts of south-west England. More>>

Cross-country electric-car trips: Reality for a few, getting closer for many

The idea of traveling long distances in electric cars that have to be recharged after only 70 or 80 miles--or even 250 miles--may seem absurd to some. More>>

Those little gas spills when you fill up may harm the environment

Routine small fuel spills at gas stations could cause long-term harm to communities as the gas leaks into the soil and groundwater, a new study suggests. More>>

Air in U.S. cities getting cleaner, EPA says

The air in American cities is getting safer to breathe, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reported Thursday. More>>

The best beauty uses for baking soda

Using baking soda in place of your regular, store bought facial cleanser, scrub, body wash, shampoo and toothpaste is an easy way to cut costs, reduce exposure to chemicals and see an improvement in your hair, skin and nails. More>>

Five big myths about green cars and gas mileage, debunked

In the interests of helping you actually save money by using less gasoline, here are five favorite myths about green vehicles. More>>

Branding Bad: 10 Eco-marketing car labels that mean nothing

Pretty much every carmaker wants to brand itself green -- or at least fuel-efficient. More>>

How can you recycle your Christmas tree?

Before you settle for a Christmas tree collection service, consider one of these ways to repurpose and recycle your tree. More>>

6 ways to repurpose a retired PC

You’ve unboxed your new computer and are a ready to enjoy the faster processor, better display, and shiny new keys – but what do you do with your old computer? Here are six uses for your old computer.

Summer, sensibly: Four 2013 convertibles with good gas mileage

It's now possible to have fun in the sun and get good gas mileage, with convertibles getting ever more frugal. More>>

Americans are driving less, have been since 2005

There's a far more effective way of reducing pollution and dependency on oil than buying more efficient cars or going electric: Driving less. More>>

What is the best way to e-cycle your electronics?

Most of us couldn't imagine living without our computers, iPods, cell phones and other electronic gadgets. But what happens to all the old electronics we no longer want? More>>

Conservation with kids

Check out these tips from eco-minded moms on encouraging conservation and reducing waste among the younger set. More>>

Create a soda bottle rainforest Video included

Here is a green science project idea that's sure to put your kid at the head of the class. It's a rainforest terrarium made from an old soda bottle. More>>

Green bling: DIY bottle cap charm bracelets Video included

These one-of-a-kind bottle cap charm bracelets are easy to make, totally green and very creative! More>>

Recycle those old crayons Video included

Making something new out of something old is a great way to teach your kids about the power of recycling. More>>

Farmers market secrets Video included

Farmers markets are booming this time of year. But before you head off to one there are three insider secrets you'll want to bring along. More>>

Beat the heat by keeping your home cool and green Video included

When the sticky-steamy days of summer heat up, it's such a relief to crank up the AC, but did you realize that half of all the energy that your home uses is tied to cooling it down? More>>

8 ways to make your home healthier

Your house's air quality and the products you use every day can all have an effect on your health and that of your family. Here's how to make your home a safer and healthier place to live. More>>

Possible dangers from bacteria in reusable grocery bags

Many consumers are switching over to reusable grocery bags. Unfortunately, there is a down side to using these bags instead of disposable grocery bags. More>>

Grill the green way this summer Video included

Summer time and grilling go hand in hand. And keeping things eco-friendly is easier now than ever before. Here are a few green tips to keep in mind this summer. More>>

DIY beauty adventure: Oatmeal mask

Six easy steps to making your own face mask. The result? Softer, smoother skin that's no longer insatiably thirsty. And it's practically free! More>>

Eat green and gluten-free at The Happy Tart Video included

If gluten-free basically means wheat-free, then what's so green about that? To find the answer, Scott Meeks headed to The Happy Tart, a gluten-free bakery. More>>

Meet eco-artist Alison Sigethy Video included

Alison Sigethy is a new breed or artist, often referred to as an eco-artist. More>>

Electric car buying guide: Everything you need to know before you buy

Electric vehicles can be intimidating for first time buyers. To help, here is a handy Electric car buying guide to help you along the way. More>>

What’s my carbon footprint?

'Carbon footprint' has a simple definition, but for the everyday person, understanding its parts takes some digging. More>>

Fun Earth Day activities for kids

It's time to show your love for the planet!  Celebrate Earth Day with kid-friendly activities and crafts. More>>

What is Earth Day?

For over three decades, Earth Day has been gaining momentum in the environmental movement. Learn more about it here. More>>

What foods should you buy organic?

Karen Cicero asked two staff members at the Environmental Working Group what her organic must-buys should be -- and where she can save some money. More>>

Natural ways to eliminate litter box odor

There are effective ways to rid your home of lingering litter box odors -- without having to resort to using any harsh chemicals. More>>

How does composting work?

Composting may seem complicated but Deb Martin, co-author of The Complete Compost Gardening Guide, has some tips on using waste wisely. More>>

How to make eco-friendly Easter baskets Video included

Easter baskets are the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of spring, but if you're not careful, your cute little bunny bin could be anything but a friend to the environment. More>>

DIY skin care remedies

To keep your skin healthy and radiant, you may be tempted to visit the beauty aisle. But the quickest, most efficient skin care remedies are already in your kitchen. More>>

Give your office an eco-boost

Whether your take your coffee breaks in your living room or in the corporate kitchen, here are some steps to add eco-awareness to your professional life. More>>

Eco-friendly activities to beat the winter blues

Keep spirits up -- and the kids entertained -- with these simple, eco-oriented indoor activities. More>>

It’s never been easier to be green

Helping the planet doesn't have to mean making big changes. These seven no-fuss, nearly instant tweaks to your everyday life will help your family go green the easy way. More>>

Five best green gadgets for the home

Saving energy and water not only helps the planet, it helps your wallet. These easy-to-use gadgets will help you improve the energy-efficiency of your home with little expense. More>>

Future fashion: Eco-conscious style

The growing world of planet-friendly clothing will soon have your closet boasting some green along with your old duds. Here's what you need to know about eco-conscious style. More>>

3 days to a greener home

A greener household doesn't happen overnight, but it can happen over three days. Here are three easy green changes to make over 72 hours. More>>

Getting wise(r) about waste

There are so many small changes that can make a big difference in the amount of waste we create. Green lifestyle expert Sara Snow shares her five best tips for adhering to the adage "Waste not, want not." More>>

All natural flu and cold soothers Video included

Just about everyone seems to be carrying around cough drops and tissues these days. Here are a few homemade remedies that can help you soothe that cough.  More>>

Stay toasty and save energy this winter

You can't stop the cold, but you can stop spending so much on your winter energy bill. Try these small changes that will add up to big savings: More>>

Transform your trash

Jars, paper towel tubes, shoe boxes and detergent bottles are all contenders for a useful second act. More>>

Car market going electric

According to a recent study, sales of electric cars will skyrocket in the next five years. But in the overall scheme of the global car market, they will still be niche players. More>>

Google helping homeowners get solar power with $75 million investment

Google ads to its green image with a $75 million investment to help homeowners get hooked up to solar power. More>>

Everyday chores get greener

Ready to make some eco-friendly changes, but not sure where to begin? Start with the things you do each day: chores! More>>

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  • Make every day Earth Day... with a book!

    Make every day Earth Day... with a book!

    There are many books that celebrate the earth and show you how to keep the earth clean and healthy. If you want to learn more about Earth Day, check out these books at your local library or book store:
    There are many books that celebrate the earth and show you how to keep the earth clean and healthy. If you want to learn more about Earth Day, check out these books at your local library or book store:
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