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Previous letter errs in analysis of football field project

To The Herald-Whig:

In response to Mr. Raymond Roidl's recent letter to the editor, I would like to offer corrections to many erroneous statements about the recent artificial surface vote for Flinn Stadium. Mr. Roidl and much of our community seem to be misinformed about the facts regarding the artificial surface. Hopefully, this will clear some things up.

First of all, the taxpayers are not on the hook for the $772,460 for the new football field. No taxpayer wallets will be opened for the cost of the resurfacing. This project will be funded by the generous donations of many individuals and boosters that are connected to Quincy High and Quincy University. Mr. Roidl questions the assets of the various boosters that have pledged for the field turf. The booster clubs collectively raise approximately $750,000 each year and donate it to the district. The Quincy Public Schools Foundation has assets of more than $600,000 and their core purpose is to acquire and distribute resources to achieve excellence in the Quincy Public Schools. Therefore, it would be safe to say that the raised money will come in, along with any future replacement.

Mr. Roidl also raised concerns why the health/life safety project funds are not being used to hire teachers, or open the Baldwin School library. As for the Baldwin library project, it is on schedule to open next year as planned. The health/life safety money may only be spent on state-approved health/life safety projects. H/LS money may not be used for salaries, benefits or hiring extra teachers. These monies have very specific purposes and they cannot be used for anything else.

As for the question about Quincy Public Schools caring about football more than education, be reminded that the Quincy School mission statement reads: "In a safe and secure environment, each student in the Quincy Public School District will develop into a lifelong learner with the skills and knowledge necessary for the next steps in life."

Having several children that have been part of the Quincy Public School system, I feel that they have made a great attempt in fulfilling that statement. I don't think there is a board member, teacher or even a football coach in Quincy that believes football is more important than an education.

Personally, I'm looking forward to watching my daughters perform in the marching band and color guard at halftime on the new field, along with watching football and possibly even a soccer game. Quincy University football will be much more enjoyable to watch now that they have a stadium they can be proud of. The new surface on Flinn Stadium is a win-win situation for the community.

Jay Lawler


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