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DAILY BLOTTER: Jan. 10, 2017

Posted: Jan. 10, 2017 8:47 am Updated: Jan. 10, 2017 8:58 am

Quincy Police

From logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 4:54 p.m. Jan. 9 and 5:11 a.m. Jan. 10.

17-00419 Arrest Aaron J Ellerman (38) 1228 Spring Lake Rd for Expired Registration at 36th & Queen Anne NTA

17-00726 Arrest Jonathan S Wright (36) 725 N 553rd for Improper Lane Usage at 54th & Broadway PTC

17-00694 Arrest / Lodged Brandon L. Voepel (20) of 1128 No. 8th was arrested for Violation of Bail Bond, along with a warrant for FTA Possession of Meth at his residence on 1/7/17. Lodged. 

17-00700 Arrest / Traffic Kendelle L. Palmer of 2506 Herrli Dr. was arrested for Operating an Uninsured Vehicle at 5th and York on 1/9/17. 

16-32584 Attempted Reva Doellman of 1224 Broadway reports that someone attempted to pry open a Pepsi machine located at her business on 12/10/16. 

16-32203 Criminal Damage Rodney Beebe, employee of the Harrison Pub, 1701 Harrison, reports that someone struck the electric lines and caused damage to the business sign on 12/6/16. 

16-31274 Criminal Damage William Connell, employee of Quincy Notre Dame, reports that someone drove a vehicle onto the practice field, and struck a fence at the school property located at 9th and Harrison on 11/26/16.

16-32599 Hit and Run Carrie Smith of 205 Stadium Dr. Apt. 34, reports that her 2003 Chrysler was struck by a white jeep while parked at the Kroc Center at 405 Vermont on 12/11/16. 

16-31728 Hit and Run Robert Board of Quincy reports that his 2005 Dodge was struck by a red Ford truck while parked at Hardees east, 2916 Broadway, on 12/1/16. 

17-00373 Hit and Run April Maggart of 905 North 5th reports that her 2006 Chrysler was struck by an unknown vehicle while parked in front of her residence on 1/5/17. 

16-32947 Lost Property Aaron Cherry of Midlothan IL reports losing his wallet somewhere near 9th and Jefferson on 12/16/16. 

16-32542 Lost Property Sandra McPhail of 133 So. 4th reports that she left her purse in the lobby of the Hotel Elkton on 12/10/16.

16-32973 Lost Property Brandon Britt of Ursa reports losing his wallet somewhere near 8th and York on 12/16/16.

16-32123 Possession of Matthew C. Schroder (31) of 4703 Lynnwood Ct, and Ashley F. Meth Becks (30) who reports to be homeless, were both found to be in possession of suspected methamphetamine (in needles) at 8th and Ohio on 12/5/16. 

16-32903 Retail Theft Kristina Carroll, employee at Walmart, 5211 Broadway, reports that a white male left the store without paying for several items on 12/15/16.

16-32897 Retail Theft Kristina Carroll, employee of Walmart, 5211 Broadway, reports that 2 white females left the store without paying for a cart full of items on 12/14/16.

16-32117 Theft Coby Reeves of Paloma IL reprots that a Terex Telehandler hoist was damaged and items stolen from a work site at 645 Cedar on 12/5/16. 

16-33200 Theft Kurt Vonderhaar of 6602 Oak Ridge Ln reports that someone stole his gray hooded Carhardt jacket from Baldwin School on 12/17/16. 

17-00048 Arrest On 01-01-17, DuSean K. Smith (46) was arrested for Filing a False Police Report of Theft. Cash Bond

17-00453 Arrest On 01-06-17, Shannon Combes (30) was arrested for O.V. Interfering. NTA

17-34042 Arrest / Lodged On 12-29-16, James Rodney Milsap Jr. (22) was arrested for Domestic Battery. Lodged

17-00786 Arrest / Traffic Jerren L. Henninger (28) was arrested for Operating Uninsured Vehicle and Expired Registration. NTA

17-00793 Arrest / Traffic Nadunt C. Clay (34) was arrested for Operating Uninsured Vehicle and No Valid Drivers License. NTA

17-00781 Arrest / Traffic Jacob R. Zimmerman (30) was arrested for Expired Registration. PTC 

17-00743 Arrest / Traffic Alisha M. Sowards (35) was arrested for Failure to Reduce Speed - Accident. PTC

17-00765 Arrest / Traffic Anthony R. Curto (37) was arrested for Operating Uninsured Vehicle. NTA 

17-00731 Arrest / Traffic Joshua E. Gill (40) was arrested for Driving W/ License Suspended and Operating Uninsured Vehicle. NTA

17-00777 Arrest / Warrant On 01/09/17, Clarence S. Williford (26) was arrested on a warrant for FTA Consumption of Alcohol by Minor and FTA Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Lodged 

17-00795 Arrest / Warrant Nadunt C. Clay (34) was arrested on a warrant for FTA Possession of Cannabis, Disregard Traffic Control Device and No Window Treat Adjacent / Driver. Lodged

17-00785 Arrest / Warrant Brianne R. Carlson (28) was arrested on a warrant for FTA Possession of Meth. Lodged 

17-00778 Arrest / Warrant John W. Church (47) was arrested on a warrant for FTA Theft Over. Lodged 

16-33133 Found Property On 12-16-16, Stacy Dudley reported that she found some ammunition which was collected and logged at QPD as found

16-32859 Hit and Run On 12-15-16, Robert Benge reported that his 2001 Chevrolet was hit and run as it was parked near 7th and Washington. No Suspects. -

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