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DAILY BLOTTER: June 19, 2017

Posted: Jun. 19, 2017 9:55 am Updated: Jun. 19, 2017 10:01 am

Quincy Police

From logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 4:55 p.m. June 18 and 5:14 a.m. June 19.

17-17008 arrest Nakiya L Weathers 38, of MO for stealing at Eagles Nest.

17-16995 arrest Winston Courtney 58, of Quincy for stop light violation.

17-16415 arrest Amanda L Jones 35, of Quincy for retail theft at Walmart on 6/12.

17-14466 fraud Jennfier Nichols of Quincy reports completing online surveys and the company Medtronic Inc. mailed her a check which came back as fraudulent. 

17-17061 arrest Dawn Vogel (35) 9703 Rock Quarry Road Quincy, IL for indecent conduct and Trespassing and Jasn Vogel (39) for interfering and trespassing at 107 N 3rd on 6-19-17. NTA x2. 

17-16871 arrest Stephen Crowder (35) 1110 Locust ST Quincy, IL for vandalism at 1415 Hampshire St. on 6-17-17. NTA.

17-17018 arrest Valerie Jackson (54) 651 Harrison Dr Quincy, IL for stealing at 3700 Broadway on 6-18-17. NTA.

17-17041 arrest / lodged Isaac Valentin (24) 331 N. Port Crescent ST Bad Axe, MI for possession of methamphetamine in the 500 block of Lind on 6-18-17. Lodged.

17-15079 found property A white Apple Iphone was located at 25th and Cherry on 5-30-17. logged into recovered property.

17-17032 traffic arrest Steven Young (22) 200 S. 3rd St. LaGrange, MO for operating uninsured vehicle at 12th and Spring on 6-18-17. NTA.

17-16968 traffic arrest Khanis Hubbard (34) 2535 Larch Rd. Quincy, IL for improper lane usage at 30th and Broadway on 6-18-17. NTA.

17-16919 traffic arrest Angelo Sugg (29) 1302 Oak St. Quincy, IL for driving while license suspended at 18th and Broadway on 6-17-17. NTA.

17-16980 traffic arrest Robert Holcomb Jr (33) 1217 S. 12th Quincy, IL for operating uninsured vehicle and no seatbelt when required at 8th and Broadway on 6-18-17. NTA.

17-17045 warrant arrest Daniel French (19) 1315 Highland LN Quincy, IL on city warrants for FTA - tobacco and truancy and a DOC warrant for parole violation at 500 block of Lind on 6-18-17. Lodged.

17-17056 warrant arrest Kendelle Palmer (35) 2506 Herrli Dr Quincy, IL on a warrant for FTA - headlight violation at 18th and Broadway on 6-18-17. Lodged.

17-17024 warrant arrest Deamontae Hill (18) 832 Washington Quincy, IL on a city warrant for FTA - peace disturbance. Cash bond.

17-17057 warrant arrest Brianne Carlson (29) 1005 Jersey Quincy, IL on a warrant for FTA - possession of meth x 2 at 10th and Jersey on 6-19-17. Lodged.

17-17034 warrant arrest Amanda Evans (32) 716 Ohio Quincy, IL on warrants for retail theft, petition to revoke, and a city warrant for FTA- possession of cannabis at 9th and Hampshire on 6-18-17. Lodged.

17-17046 warrant arrest Chad Harper (32) 1123 N. 7th Quincy, IL on a warrant for FTA - small claims at 1123 N. 7th on 6-18-17. Lodged.

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