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Incredulous cop cites man for using his smartwatch while driving

In many states, using a cellphone while driving is a juridical no-no. But so might be using your smartwatch.  More>>

What's the best electric car to buy for the average consumer?

Automotive journalists often use each other as information sources, or to get reality checks on new material.

Advocacy group says fuel economy is U.S.'s No. 1 criteria when shopping for new car

When you're looking for a new car, there are lots of factors to consider: how the car looks, how comfortable the ride is, its high-tech amenities, the number of cup-holders. But according to a new study from the American Chemistry Council, the thing at the top of most shopper's must-have list is good fuel-economy. More>>

James Bond to drive new Aston Martin DB10 in upcoming ‘Spectre’ movie

A new James Bond movie is coming next year, and with it a brand new Aston Martin developed exclusively for the world's most famous spy, the Aston Martin DB10. More>>

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06: First fuel economy figures released

Buyers of the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 are probably more interested in 0-60 times and grip levels than fuel economy, but those numbers are now available for the curious. More>>

2015 Pickup truck fuel economy: Ford vs. Ram vs. Chevy, who's best?

Check out these official figures to see which 2015 pickup is the most efficient full-size truck on the road.

Out of their league: 6 vehicles with shocking sticker prices

If you're not headed to the dealership intending to buy a brand-new Toyota Land Cruiser, you might find it quite shocking to see that it costs more than most of the Lexus lineup.


2015 BMW X5 M, X6 M revealed

When you see either the X5 M or X6 M approaching in your rearview, there's no mistaking their identity. More>>

Rapid charging electric-car batteries: Less damaging than we thought?

DC fast charging makes electric cars considerably more practical, allowing drivers to recharge a car's battery to 80 percent of capacity in half an hour or less.

2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 packs new V-8, serious track upgrades

If you thought you might have to wait some time before the storied Shelby name gets spliced back into the Mustang narrative, think again.

2015 Subaru Legacy: The Car Connection's Best Car to Buy 2015

The 2015 Subaru Legacy is feature-packed, polished, secure, and spacious. It's outgrown its niche appeal, while dollar for dollar, it's an irresistible value in today's new-car market. More>>

2015 Volkswagen Golf: Green Car Reports' Best Car to Buy 2015

Sometimes being greener in a car that's otherwise entirely normal can be a good thing. More>>

2015 BMW M3 / M4 First Drive

Coupe-like crossovers, carbon-bodied sportscars, urban-mode city hatchbacks -- BMW can build them all, but when it gets placed in the balances and judged by its hardcore enthusiast audience, the only BMW that matters is the M3.

Honda launches awesome interactive ad for 2015 Civic Type R

Not only are Honda's cars cooler overseas, its ads are too. More>>

End-of-year car buying tips

Score a new set of wheels with less hassle. More>>

Why electric car owners don't want gasoline loaners from their dealers

It's often said by electric-car owners and advocates that once you start driving electric, you never want to go back. More>>

Universal helmet laws may help save young motorcyclists

A new study suggests that state laws requiring "universal" motorcycle helmet use -- instead of helmet laws just for certain ages -- may lower the rates of traumatic brain injuries in young riders. More>>

Cross-country electric-car trips: Reality for a few, getting closer for many

The idea of traveling long distances in electric cars that have to be recharged after only 70 or 80 miles--or even 250 miles--may seem absurd to some. More>>

Tesla model S Dual-Motor is quicker, has higher range

How can you add all-wheel drive to an electric car, making it hundreds of pounds heavier -- and still increase its efficiency and range?

2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat priced from $63,995

The 707-horsepower super sedan from Dodge, the 2015 Charger SRT Hellcat, will cost the world just $63,995 (plus $995 destination) including its $1,700 gas guzzler tax, Chrysler announced on Oct. 17.

2015 Chevy Corvette Z06 is most powerful GM ever

The most powerful car General Motors has ever built will soon hit the streets, packing 650 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque. More>>

2015 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS revealed

The Porsche 911 family has been expanded with new Carrera GTS coupe and Carrera GTS Cabriolet models. More>>

2015 Mercedes-AMG C63 and C63 S: Full details, photos

Mercedes-Benz's latest C63 AMG is finally here, and you can read all the juicy details.

Those little gas spills when you fill up may harm the environment

Routine small fuel spills at gas stations could cause long-term harm to communities as the gas leaks into the soil and groundwater, a new study suggests. More>>

10 cars most likely to get ticketed

When you see folks pulled over for speeding or other moving violations, what kind of car are they driving? Does it seem as if some makes and models get ticketed more often than others?

U.S. traffic accidents send 2.5 million to ERs each year

Road crash injuries sent more than 2.5 million Americans to emergency rooms in 2012. And, nearly 200,000 were hospitalized due to motor vehicle collisions, a new federal government report says. More>>

Don't be fooled: Only three electric cars are sold nationwide today

Three and a half years after modern electric cars entered the mass market, there are now no fewer than 17 models on sale in the U.S. More>>

2015 North American Car and Truck/SUV of the Year: Short list announced

Judges for the North American Car and Truck of the Year have released their list of finalists for the upcoming 2015 awards.

Some lenders can remotely disable cars when payments are missed

Utilizing a piece of hardware called the starter interrupt device, credit unions and other types of loan companies have started mandating the use of such devices when an auto loan is issued to a customer with bad credit. More>>

2014 Paris Auto Show preview

The first major auto show after the long summer break will be taking place in Paris, kicking off in the City of Light on October 2 and playing host to more than 250 makes from over 18 countries. More>>

2015 Lexus RC F first drive

The RC F is Lexus gone wild, with aero kicks and eight-cylinder barks and electronically controlled everything, as well as a cockpit basically decorated by dropping a box of high-end audio between two seats. More>>

2016 Mercedes-AMG GT, GT S Preview, live photos: Affalterbach’s new super coupe

Sleek, stylish, and chock full of heritage, the 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT has arrived. More>>

First look at 2015 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak

Dodge has given drag racing fans an early look at the 2015 Challenger Drag Pak by unveiling a prototype version at the 60th annual National Hot Rod Association U.S. Nationals meet in Indianapolis. More>>

Gov't agency pushes to lower blood alcohol limits for drivers To 0.05

Traffic fatalities have been on the decline for several decades, but despite such improvements, alcohol has remained a contributing factor in roughly one-third of roadway deaths. More>>

Ford starts testing its first right-hand-drive Mustang

Ford has revealed its first right-hand-drive Mustang, one of a handful of prototype versions that will be used for calibration testing in a handful of markets. More>>

J.D. Power offers proof voice-recognition systems are the worst things in our cars

J.D. Power's Kristin Kolodge told a group of conference-goers that voice-recognition software is the most troublesome technology found on cars today. More>>

Worried about recalls? Just check your VIN on the Department of Transportation's new website

Has your vehicle been recalled? Now you can check with just a few clicks thanks to the Department of Transportation's new website.

And the most-stolen vehicle in America is . . .

The National Insurance Crime Bureau has just released its list of most-stolen vehicles for 2013. All of those in the top ten are big-selling, mass-market models. More>>

Minnesota leads nation, mandates off-peak electric-car charging rates

So far Minnesota is the only state to pass legislation requiring an incentive for home charging. More>>

GM's 200-mile electric car for 2017: What we know so far

The arrival of a moderately-priced battery electric car with a rated range of 200 miles will change the entire market for plug-in vehicles.

When will electric cars compete in the mainstream market?

Electric-car advocates often take it as an article of faith that electric propulsion will one day compete directly with vehicles powered by fossil fuels. But for battery-electric cars to compete directly, they will need to be as good as -- and probably better than -- their counterparts. More>>

The road to self-driving cars remains a long one

If carmakers are to be believed, autonomous cars are right around the corner. Some like Nissan and Mercedes-Benz have in fact been so bold as to put a 2020 debut date on their first self-driving models. More>>

Mercedes-Benz S600 guard upgrades to new S-Class platform, greater armor capability

If you're a head of state, head of an underground organization, or just extremely paranoid—but you still enjoy the finer things in life—your new ride has arrived: the Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard. More>>

2015 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG coupe revealed

Mercedes-Benz’s S63 AMG Coupe certainly isn’t lacking in the power department, but the German automaker knows that some of its customers will always seek more. More>>

This Ferrari 250 GTO could become the world's most expensive car

Ferrari seems to have a monopoly on the world's most expensive cars.

2015 European Car of the Year nominees announced

The title of European Car of the Year is one all manufacturers selling in Europe want to win, and there's sure to be hot debate over 2015's victor now the nominations list has been revealed in full.

Decoding Toyota's electric-car disdain: A role for fuel cells

While unveiling its fuel-cell vehicle last month–priced to undercut the Tesla Model S ever so slightly–Toyota's Global R&D Chief Mitsuhisa Kato offered some dismissive thoughts on battery-electric vehicles.

Tesla's important not only for electric cars but for Silicon Valley

The Tesla Model S is undoubtedly an excellent car. It's quick, efficient, looks good to most eyes and can compete with most fossil-fueled equivalents on even footing.

SUVs, crossovers outsell sedans for the first time ever

Sales of SUVs and crossovers have never quite managed to outpace those of the reliable sedan. Until now.

Linux gets automotive grade release for open source cars

Updated: Jul 08, 2014 11:09 AM

Information and entertainment systems are very important parts of the modern car. They're how we interact with everything except the actual driving controls.

Towing with your crossover SUV: The basics

Most of today's car-like crossover utility vehicles can handle a fair amount of towing -- whether it's jet skis, a small boat, or a small moving trailer. More>>

RIP Car washes: Nissan debuts 'self-cleaning' car

If you enjoy spending Saturdays in the driveway, hosing down your favorite ride, we have some bad news.

2015 Hyundai Genesis: Five-star scores, safest car on market?

Updated: Jul 08, 2014 10:41 AM

The federal government has crash-tested the 2015 Hyundai Genesis Sedan and released a full set of NCAP ratings—and the Genesis Sedan has a flush of five-star ratings. More>>

Expert offers motorcycle safety tips

For many people, a long holiday weekend means a chance for a long motorcycle ride. But, do you know all you need to know about motorcycle safety? More>>

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Pullman to be world’s most expensive sedan

The most expensive title currently belongs to the Rolls-Royce Phantom, which starts at just above $400k. According to Bloomberg, the new S-Class Pullman will cost as much as double that figure. More>>

Do you still have to "break in" a new car?

As recently as a decade ago, manufacturers recommended new drivers follow certain driving patterns to "break in" a new car. The old lessons don't quite hold true today, though. More>>

2015 Audi A7, S7 get new tweaks

Audi's A7 and S7 get a facelift.

Traveling in Canada? Don't park with your windows down

Vaguely written laws sometimes remain on the books for years, and can be enforced, if an officer feels so inclined. More>>

How long do hybrid cars last: Which will make 150,000 miles?

According to a new mileage data analysis there's one hybrid that stands head and shoulders above the rest -- and it's not the Toyota Prius.

When will plug-in electric SUVs, crossovers go on sale?

Have patience, all you SUV and crossover fans who desperately want one that plugs in and runs electrically.

2015 Ford Mustang priced from $24,425

The wait is almost over for muscle car fans looking to get a hold of the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang.

The most popular used vehicles of 2014 (so far)

Understanding which are the most popular used cars could help you haggle and boost (or diminish) the resale value of your vehicle. More>>

Your next vehicle is more likely to have a CVT -- here's why

Like it or not, nearly every new vehicle has an automatic transmission of some sort. What might not be so apparent to new-car shoppers is that the portion of vehicles with automatic transmissions -- or at least automatics as you know them -- is falling. More>>

How to kill your car

As vehicles have become more reliable, it's become less a chore to maintain them. But that doesn't mean they're invulnerable to neglect or operator error.

New 2017 Nissan Leaf: More details on new styling, range

The Nissan Leaf is by far the highest-volume electric car ever built, with 110,000-plus on the roads now. And three and a half years after its launch, Nissan is pushing hard to boost its sales all over the world. More>>

Largest auto-industry employer in Calif.: Electric-car maker Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors is one of the youngest U.S. automakers, but has made a disproportionately large impact in the automotive media's headlines over the last few years. More>>

Audi hints at new RS 3 with A3 clubsport quattro concept

Behold the new A3 clubsport quattro concept, a hotted-up version of the 2015 Audi A3 sedan. More>>

Seat belts, air bags may save your kidneys

Air bags and seat belts help protect the kidneys from damage during car accidents, new research shows. More>>

Why European gas-mileage ratings are so high and often wrong

Year after year, European car sales figures have shown a bias towards higher average fuel economy and lower fleet-wide CO2 emissions. More>>

Dodge to become performance brand, integrate SRT

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is currently in the process of announcing a new five-year strategy that will see much of its vehicle lineup renewed between now and 2018. More>>

Half of U.S. drivers don't recognize tire-pressure warning light

Driving with properly inflated tires makes cars safer and more efficient, and tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are designed to help alert drivers to underinflated tires. More>>

2015 BMW i8 is an eye-catcher

The 2015 BMW i8 plug-in hybrid is an eye-catcher.

Worst thing about an electric car? Better half drives it more

There's less-reported issue with electric vehicles: They're so good to drive, your other half keeps taking the keys and leaving you with the "other" car. More>>

Six car styling cliches of 2014

Automotive styling tastes can be more fickle than fashion; and it only takes a quick look at how cars are seen as extended fashion statement here in the U.S. to understand why. More>>

Are wagons the next collector cars?

As unpredictable as collector car trends are, these and other wagons may become high-dollar haulers.

Audi A3 is 2014 World Car of the Year

Audi has claimed six World Car of the Year awards since 2005, and now has one more for its mantle as the Audi A3 grabbed the 2014 World Car of the Year title. More>>

The 16 plug-in electric cars you can buy (or can't) for 2014

Here's our rundown of all the plug-in electric cars you can buy today, both battery electric and plug-in hybrids. More>>

Ford Transit Skyliner concept is New York Auto Show's party

The 2015 Ford Transit has yet to go on sale, but one of jobs this full-size van will be tasked with handling is passenger transportation. More>>

2013 Buick Encore recalled because of steering wheels that may detach

Buick has issued a recall on its Encore compact crossover because of a problem that could cause the steering wheel of some of the cars to come loose or even detach from the steering column. More>>

The most unusual car features of all time

Through the years, Mercedes has paired innovative and/or unusual features come with highly curious names like Airscarf and Magic Sky Control.  The automaker isn't alone, though. More>>

The 10 best and worst countries for drivers

In Namibia, you're 53 percent more likely to die in automobile collision than from cancer. And in Qatar, you're more than five times as likely to die in a car accident than from a stroke. You've been warned. More>>

So, you got a ticket. How will that affect your insurance rate?

How will a moving violation affect your car insurance rates? That depends entirely on what you've been ticketed for. More>>

2014 Subaru Forester: Six reasons it's among the safest crossovers

What makes the Forester one of the safest vehicles on the road? It's a combination of serious occupant-protection measures and smart structural engineering. More>>

2015 Chrysler 200: First drive

The Chrysler 200 is new this year, and it replaces a car family fairly unloved by real-world car shoppers, one tolerated by fleet buyers.

Electric scooter in a briefcase: Would you pay $6,000 for it?

The Commute-Case, as it's known, is essentially a briefcase you can ride to work. More>>

Local Motors plans to 3D print car

Steel stamping and production lines? That's so last-year--what you really want is a 3D printed car.

2015 Renegade - Jeep downsizes for world domination, Geneva debut

The 2015 Jeep Renegade, which will reach dealerships in the U.S. the third quarter of this year -- and Europe this summer -- is being shown at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show. More>>

You and your license plates are being watched (by America's repo men)

Once-pricey license plate readers have become more affordable, and now they're being used by mom and pop businesses -- especially repossession companies -- to keep tabs on drivers. More>>

Is Walmart's WAVE concept truck the fuel-efficient future of semis?

With its aerodynamic cab, the WAVE certainly doesn't look like any other large truck currently on U.S. roads. More>>

Does your child's car seat weigh too much for LATCH?

Car seats are heavier than ever--and some parents aren't including that weight when they fit their kids and car seats to LATCH systems. More>>

Nine life-hacks every gearhead should know

These life-hacks will help anyone with a taste for cars and the turning of wrenches. More>>

2014 Geneva Motor Show preview

The 2014 Geneva Motor Show will open its doors from March 4-16. More>>

Many car dealers don't want to sell electric cars -- here's why

Hundreds of cases have been reported of customers walking into a Nissan or Chevy dealer to buy a Leaf or Volt, then being aggressively steered toward a Sentra or Cruze. More>>

J.D. Power: Vehicle dependability drops for first time in over 15 years

America's auto industry has been on a roll recently, boasting stronger sales, better-built cars, and higher approval ratings from customers but that makes J.D. Power's latest Dependability Study all the more surprising. More>>

Women prefer men in black Ford pickups, men prefer women in red BMW sports cars

There are a lot of things to consider when buying a new car. One thing we've never heard folks ask, though, is whether their new ride will be attractive to potential mates.

Buy American: Ten 2014 vehicles that wave the Stars and Stripes

Deciding to buy an American vehicle can sound like a pretty straightforward mission. But as most shoppers focused on that will find out, it's not nearly as clear-cut as it sounds. More>>

Will you rent options, upgrades on your next car?

Instead of having to buy a particular trim package to get the one creature-comfort you want, you might be able to purchase it a la carte. More>>

Like to leave your car running on cold mornings? You could be in for a nasty surprise

It's a chilly morning across much of America, and if you're one of the millions planning to hit the road, you may be tempted to zip outside, crank the engine, and let your car warm up. More>>

Cars in America are still over 11 years old -- and getting older

The economy isn't the only thing keeping consumers from buying cars. More>>

Falls top car crashes as leading cause of U.S. spinal injuries

Spinal cord injury rates in the United States are rising, and the leading cause now appears to be falls suffered by seniors rather than traffic crashes, according to a new study. More>>

Can Volvo be saved?

Once upon a time, Volvo was a force to be reckoned with. Can it rise from the ashes, or is it speeding irrevocably toward irrelevance? More>>

Five big myths about green cars and gas mileage, debunked

In the interests of helping you actually save money by using less gasoline, here are five favorite myths about green vehicles. More>>

VW Beetle Dune Concept: A Bug for the desert rat in you

Is there a place in the world for a Bug outfitted for a cross-Sahara trek? At this year's Detroit Auto Show there was, at least in concept-car form. More>>

America's favorite -- and least favorite -- license plates

How do your preferences line up with those of your fellow Americans? More>>

New Corvette shows off at 2014 Detroit Auto Show

A new King Corvette has arrived, and it definitely gives General Motors some bragging rights at the Detroit Auto Show. More>>

Forget MyFord, all the rest: Apple, Google will own your dashboard

Ford Motor Company's MyFord Touch and SYNC are perhaps the best examples of what's wrong with automaker-devised infotainment: they're bloated, counter-intuitive, and ironically, they don't do a great job of syncing. More>>

Ten of the most fascinating cars for 2015

There are indeed a few boring cars on the market today; but these upcoming models in the pages ahead certainly won't be among them. More>>

Gasoline cars to remain dominant in 2040

The U.S. Energy Information Agency expects that 78 percent of the vehicles sold in the U.S. will continue to run on gasoline a quarter of a century hence. More>>

Branding Bad: 10 Eco-marketing car labels that mean nothing

Pretty much every carmaker wants to brand itself green -- or at least fuel-efficient. More>>

Electric-car maker Tesla is highest-trending car brand on Google

If Internet search terms are to be believed -- and as a mark of how much people are trying to find out about something, they're pretty important -- Tesla Motors has certainly created that recognition. More>>

U.S. partners with China to put auto emissions in check

When people thought about "smog", they thought of Los Angeles. Then China opened its doors a little wider, and we got a good look at Beijing. More>>

Ethanol a victim of change as gasoline sales have flatlined?

Eight years ago, ethanol was going to let the U.S. grow its own vehicle fuel, reduce its use of gasoline made from imported oil, and boost energy security. More>>

November 2013 car sales equal good tidings

Americans spent more money on new cars last month than in any November in history, driving new-car sales to more post-recession highs. More>>

Gov't attorney calls autonomous cars "premature"

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration told legislators that autonomous vehicles aren't ready to operate on public roads, except in test situations. More>>

Buying a car today? Go prepared or prepare to spend extra

If you're one of the many folks planning to purchase a new vehicle today -- or any day -- spend some time preparing for your shopping excursion. More>>

Would you buy a car from a vending machine?

Carvana's claim to fame is that it allows customers to shop for cars online, secure loans online, even schedule test drives online. And when it comes time to pay up, that's often done entirely online, too. More>>

Yikes: Nearly 1 In 4 adults surf the Internet while driving

Bad news for foes of distracted driving: A new survey from State Farm says the problem is getting worse, even though drivers know better. More>>

2014 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid dropped, replaced by . . . Malibu

Chevy's mild-hybrid version of the 2014 Malibu has been quietly canceled. More>>

2013 Los Angeles Auto Show preview

The Los Angeles Auto Show doesn't boast the international awareness that rival shows in New York and Detroit enjoy, but it still manages to draw in the big crowds each year. More>>

10 laws that drive drivers crazy

There are plenty of driving-related laws that can push drivers to fits. More>>

The nine tools every person should have in their car

You don't have to be a mechanic to give yourself a much better chance of getting home or to the nearest repair shop with a small kit of essential tools and equipment. More>>

Hybrid payback depends on model, new study shows

We all know that hybrid vehicles typically offer greater fuel economy than their regular gasoline counterparts. But when considered over a typical ownership period, are they actually any cheaper to run?

Keep Halloween safe: Driving tips for parents

Along with shopping for just the right costume for the annual trick-or-treat outing, the AAA has some words of caution for parents to help keep their children safe this Halloween. More>>

55 percent of boomers worry about parents' driving, only 23 percent are talking about it

As baby boomers reach retirement age, many are faced with a difficult conundrum: balancing the challenges of their own golden years with the demands of elderly family members. More>>

Second-to-last Lincoln Continental JFK rode in up for sale

RR Auctions is playing host to the JFK 50th Anniversary Auction, which runs until Thursday. This 1963 Lincoln Continental is lot 140, and it has a starting bid of $50,000. More>>

Nissan, Hyundai use US govt shutdown as selling tool

Hyundai's response to the shutdown is perfectly in step with some of its previous efforts. You might remember, for example, how Hyundai turned the Great Recession into marketing gold. More>>

The nine cars (and drivers) guaranteed to tick you off

Ever been waterboarded by a minivan doing 66 mph in the left lane, Captain Clueless at the wheel? We feel your pain. More>>

Five things to know about gas mileage that will save you money

Gas mileage has gotten far more important in new-car choices over the last 10 years, and that's not likely to change.  More>>

Five facts about Tesla, electric cars that may surprise you

Tesla always tops the charts. Coverage of the feisty startup electric-car maker from Silicon Valley attracts huge attention any time it appears. More>>

Calif. figures out regulation for ride-sharing apps

If you really want to go green, why not get rid of your car? That's the logic behind ridesharing and carsharing services.


Turbos, diesels: Like 'em or loathe 'em, they're becoming norm

Obviously, turbos and diesels have a number of benefits -- otherwise, automakers would be far less enthusiastic about the switch. For starters, they're efficient.  More>>

The biggest car seat mistakes parents make

With the kids back at school and parents' schedules more hectic, mid-September is a good time for a reminder of proper car-seat safety. Sept. 15 to Sept. 21 is also Child Passenger Safety Week. More>>

The best new-car features of 2013

Some of the best ideas need no explanation, and many are relatively simple—things that make you ask, why didn't anyone come up with this before?


August 2013 car sales: Summer ends on a hot one

It's the tail end of summer, but the car industry hasn't lost its heat just yet--numbers are trending upward for most manufacturers, and economic indicators are looking good. More>>

Mercedes-Benz creates QR codes to save lives

We told you about the new and improved Jaws of Life that have been designed to extract vehicle occupants after collisions. Now, Mercedes-Benz is working to facilitate that process, too. More>>

America will soon see Labor Day-like traffic, all year long

America's roads are clogging fast, and within the next couple of decades, some areas of the country could see congestion on par with Labor Day traffic all year round. More>>

The 12 most embarrassing cars in America

We've all been trapped behind the wheel of at least one truly embarrassing vehicle. More>>

It's not just the Grey Poupon: Study says rich drive differently

Rude drivers come in all shapes and sizes, and they drive a wide variety of cars. But for some reason, the rudest drivers on the road often seem to be those in luxury cars. More>>

Ford's C-Max mileage mess: How it happened and what it means

Ford spent nine months justifying the 47-mpg fuel-efficiency rating of its new 2013 C-Max Hybrid--before it bowed to public pressure and lowered it to 43 mpg late on August 15. More>>

Hacking cars' computers could be problem of the future

The arrival of autonomous cars and vehicle-to-vehicle technology will necessitate cars that talk to one another -- the creation of a network. And networks can always, always be hacked. More>>

Gas prices plummet: How low will they go?

Here's a bit of good news for folks looking to squeeze in a last-minute summer road trip: the price of gasoline is plummeting. But how much further will it fall? More>>

One in three teens "just not interested" in driving

Less than half of all American teenagers get their first driver's license within a year of becoming eligible to drive, a new study from AAA says.

Do you know what your dashboard warning lights mean?

We see them every time we start our cars. From time to time, we see them while we're driving, and we're filled with a dark mix of fear and dread. But really, how many of our cars' warning lights can we properly identify? More>>

New car test drive options delivered right to your door

A start-up called Tred has taken customer service one step further. If you're shopping for a new ride, Tred will deliver a vehicle right to your house for a test drive. More>>

The most beautiful cars of 2013

What makes a car beautiful? Sometimes it's undeniable--a lissome look, a crushworthy stance, a peerless cabin. In other cases, it's a purity of form that's as close to ideal as possible, given the chosen duty. More>>

Top five small coupes with best gas mileage

We've selected the five most efficient "coupes" on the market--based on our own simple criteria.  More>>

Ford F-250 tops list of most-stolen vehicles in U.S.

Summertime is busy season for car thieves. From July 4 through the end of August, baddies shift into high gear. More>>

Women pay more for car repair when they look less confident

Auto shops may assume men know the market price for a given repair, so they automatically grant it. More>>

The 10 states most (and least) likely to buy "American"

Americans have conflicting ideas about what makes a car truly "American". More>>

Bueller Ferrari, Bond Lotus up for sale this summer

Two of the most famous movie cars of all time will soon be going under the hammer, which means they could be yours. More>>

Tesla Model S recall vs. Jeep Grand Cherokee, Liberty recalls: A study in contrasts

Two very different automakers have rolled out two very different recalls, and they've done so in very different ways that could hint at each company's future. More>>

Electric car: Lease or Buy?

You're considering a plug-in electric car. Should you lease or buy? More>>

New gas mileage rules will reshape what Americans drive

Your next vehicles will deliver better gas mileage than ever before, no matter how large or small they are. More>>

Teaching teens safer driving

Poll parents with teenagers at driving age, and probably, you'll find they don't think their kids have been trained adequately to drive defensively on the road. Some teenagers might even admit the same. More>>

Is the 2001-2003 Toyota Prius a good used car buy?

Is the car which started it all -- the original Prius -- still a good car to buy used today? More>>

Summer, sensibly: Four 2013 convertibles with good gas mileage

It's now possible to have fun in the sun and get good gas mileage, with convertibles getting ever more frugal. More>>

NHTSA wants states to ban self-driving cars

The last few years have seen self-driving cars go from the stuff of science fiction to the scientific method. But the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) wants to ban them. More>>

Honda Accord or Nissan Altima: Which one does V-6 better?

Why do you need the V-6? The reason? Smoother four-cylinder engines now prove their mettle, with surprisingly good acceleration and fuel economy thanks to a host of fuel-saving technologies. More>>

Six rules of the road you should observe (but probably won't)

Check out these six rules for safer driving that you should be observing. More>>

To combat drunk driving, NTSB wants tougher blood-alcohol limits

Seeking to toughen the allowable alcohol limit for drivers, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is calling on states to lower the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) to 0.05 or lower from the current 0.08.


Cheap car or ugly car: Which would you pick?

Would you rather get a good deal on a new car that's built on a seven-year-old design, or would you prefer to wait for the sparkly, contemporary version, which should age a bit slower? More>>

Electric cars: Eight important things everyone should know (but may not)

Sometime in the next few weeks, the 100,000th plug-in electric car will be sold in the U.S. More>>

Black box recorders: Groundbreaking safety devices or end of privacy?

The vast majority of vehicles sold in the U.S. today come with black box recorders, and soon the gizmos will be found on all of them.

Death list 2014: The cars you won't see next year

It's time to wave some more goodbyes--some fond, some not so much--to the clutch of vehicles that won't be hitting the road next year. More>>

Hands-free texting is no safer than typing

A debate is raging about taking and making hands-free calls behind the wheel. More>>

Screen test: Five frustrating infotainment in-car interfaces

So-called infotainment interfaces are becoming a center point to the in-car experience—an essential part, if you ask some vehicle shoppers. More>>

Volkswagen iBeetle integrates iPhone, gets iNamed

The new iBeetle includes an iPhone docking station. More>>

Americans are driving less, have been since 2005

There's a far more effective way of reducing pollution and dependency on oil than buying more efficient cars or going electric: Driving less. More>>

Vehicles under $50k that hold their value the worst

For those who don't have their own personal detailing crew—depreciation matters. More>>

Saab's new owners set goal: 120,000 vehicles a year by 2016

According to Bloomberg news, Saab's long-quiet assembly lines will return to action this summer, and the company hopes to meet some pretty lofty production goals within three years. More>>

Next Ford F-150: Advanced materials likely, hybrid powertrain possible

The new Atlas Concept that Ford Motor Co. unveiled at Detroit on January 15 revealed several interesting technologies that altogether could save fuel. More>>

2014 Cadillac ELR preview: Guilt-free luxury upstages Chevy Volt

You've likely noticed and perhaps even lusted after the stylish Cadillac CTS-V Coupe.

2014 Chevrolet Corvette: The Stingray is back

Among iconic automotive names, few conjure up the visceral reaction of the Corvette Stingray. 

2013 Detroit Auto Show's new cars and concepts

The North American International Auto Show, the Detroit Auto Show to most folk, is arguably the most important event on the automotive calendar in the U.S. More>>

2014 Mercedes-Benz E Class Coupe & Cabriolet preview

Mercedes-Benz has some more of the E Class range to bring us, as a sort of belated holiday gift: the 2014 E Class Coupe and Cabriolet. More>>

2013 SRT Viper: Review and test drive results

The 2013 SRT Viper is almost completely different from the old Dodge Viper, and yet it's almost exactly the same. More>>

The best comic book cars

These four-wheeled comic contraptions are the perfect rides for anyone with a fondness fro masked crime fighting, or zombie killing. More>>

Chevrolet Camaro Hot Wheels Edition can be yours

We've seen plenty of life-size Hot Wheels cars in the past, including a previous Camaro, but none of these have ever been offered for sale. That is until now. More>>

Romney slams Tesla, Fisker again in final presidential debate

The CEOs of Tesla and Fisker may have thought they were home free -- but it was not to be. More>>

Small cars haven't been this big for nearly 20 years

Small cars are on track to reach a market share not seen since Bill Clinton's first inauguration. More>>

James Bond at 50: The 10 best Bond cars

Over his fifty years, James Bond has driven everything from a heavily armed Aston Martin DB5 to a Lotus Esprit that doubles as a submarine. More>>

8 best cars for teen drivers

Buying a car for your teen to drive to and from high school takes some thought. You might pick something sporty for yourself -- but you want something different for your kids. More>>

Renault blesses Pope Benedict with a new electric Popemobile

The current head of the Catholic church, Pope Benedict XVI, is rather fond of electric cars. More>>

Selling your ride? Used cars to remain valuable through 2014

If you have plans to sell your current ride anytime soon, there is some good news and some great news. More>>

Is the inside of your car making you sick?

Germs run rampant all around us, including in our automobiles. Fortunately, there's much you can do to keep those pesky little microbes in check. More>>

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