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Spotify sees streaming 'spike of sadness' after One Direction shake-up

Over the past week, the world has heard collective teenage sobs from One Direction fans everywhere mourning the loss of member Zayn Malik, who confirmed he'd be leaving the boy band for an undisclosed reason.  More>>

Parental Advisory: How to limit your kids' iPhone usage

Since its inception nearly eight years ago, Apple's iPhone has received rave reviews from adults and children alike. More>>

Fortune names Apple's Tim Cook the 'World's Greatest Leader'

Fortune Magazine named Tim Cook as the “World's Greatest Leader,” catapulting the Apple chief executive to the top over heads of states and religious leaders like Pope Francis and Chinese President Xi Jinping. More>>

Worst thief ever? Police just found a man who shared his hiding location on Snapchat

There are two kinds of thieves in this world: those who never get caught, and ?those who Snapchat?.  More>>

Major gaming convention threatens to leave Indiana over anti-LGBT bill

Gen Con, one of the largest gaming conventions in the country, is threatening to pull out of Indiana over a controversial bill.  More>>

12-year old girl tries to poison her mom for taking her iPhone away

We all react differently to harsh punishments, but this story perhaps edges towards the more extreme end of the scale. More>>

Which Macbook should you buy

 MacBook lineup has become a bit crowded. There's now six models in total, the most that Apple has ever offered at once, so it's understandable if you're a bit confused.  More>>

Ditch the pixelation: A quick guide to printing large photos the right way

Printing large digital photos or images never seems to turn out the way you want it; so often you get pixelated, low-resolution photos instead of crisp, clear images.  More>>

Soon you'll be able to pay your friends to like you using Facebook Messenger

Facebook knows you have your phone in one pocket and your wallet in the other and it wants to help you combine the two.  More>>

Ikea predicts chaos, says no to massive hide-and-seek game with 32,000 players

Ikea must be regretting its decision to allow a game of hide-and-seek at one of its Belgian stores last year.  More>>

Yahoo is eliminating passwords completely

Be honest, how well organized are you with your passwords? More>>

Facebook’s new rules ban bare buttocks, breasts, and bias

Facebook updated its community guidelines, clearing up what it deems appropriate content for display on the social network. More>>

Steve Jobs turned down liver transplant from Tim Cook

Steve Jobs casts a long shadow for a man who's been gone for four years.  More>>

New study finds younger listeners are driving the vinyl revival

By now you're likely aware of the big resurgence in vinyl sales that's taken place in recent years. But who are these rabid record consumers pushing the needle in one small corner of the declining music industry? More>>

Huge outage hits all of Apple’s digital storefronts, including iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store

.Have you been struggling to download books or apps to your Apple device this morning? You're not alone. More>>

Wikipedia is suing the NSA for its mass surveillance program

The Wikimedia Foundation filed suit against the National Security Agency (NSA) and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). The lawsuit challenges the NSA's mass surveillance program. More>>

Apple’s new MacBook asks if you can handle a one-port future

Apple's reveal of the new MacBook for 2015 was so dramatic, it almost overshadowed the new Apple Watch everyone turned out to see. More>>

Apple Watch news: You can try one on in stores on April 10, get one by April 24

It's been some time since Apple introduced the world to the Apple Watch, it's first wearable ever. Few devices could hold our attention for so many months without losing their allure, but it's Apple.. More>>

As the Apple Watch ticks closer, experts await a fatal flop

A flop. A failure. A fiasco. Concerns and skepticism are growing towards the Apple Watch. More>>

Whoops. K-Cup inventor doesn’t use them, kind of regrets inventing them

What happens to all of those K-Cups after you've had your coffee? More>>

Photographer tells how he got amazing shot of weasel riding on a woodpecker’s back

© Martin Le-May © Martin Le-May

It's the kind of one-off photo every wildlife photographer must dream of getting.Amateur shooter Martin Le-May lucked out recently when he captured this incredible image of a weasel riding on the back of a green woodpecker. More>>

Set the date: The Apple Watch launches on March 9

T he day has come, Tim Cook said, to talk of AppleWatch. More>>

The days of not having a national revenge porn law could soon end

If Congresswoman Jackie Speier has her way, the United States could finally be on the verge of creating a federal law banning revenge porn, reports Gizmodo. More>>

Please, be careful! Man killed by Amtrak train while posing for selfie

Taking place on the morning of Saturday, February 21, an Oregon man was busy posing for a selfie photo on the railroad tracks before being fatally hit by an Amtrak train.  More>>

Family-friendly ‘YouTube Kids’ app launches for Android and iOS

As expected, Google launched its YouTube Kids app this week. More>>

Should you turn your computer off at night? We asked an expert

The idea that you should avoid turning your computer off at night is pretty popular, but is it true? More>>

Youtube videos of drunkenness don't show alcohol's harms

YouTube videos of drunkenness are popular, but fail to show the harms of too much drinking, a new study finds. More>>

Do you live in the noisiest part of the U.S.? A map shows the country’s loud and quiet spots

Forget red and blue states: The U.S. has blue and yellow states.  More>>

Father of the Internet warns you to print your pictures, or risk losing them forever

Father of the Internet and Google Vice President Vint Cerf has issued a warning to photographers and data storage lovers at large: Physically print your data or risk losing it to a digital dark age. More>>

Lenovo PCs discovered to contain critical HTTPS vulnerability

Have you purchased a Lenovo computer lately? Then you may be vulnerable to a “man-in-the-middle” attack that can steal information from websites that appear secured by HTTPS.  More>>

Woman dies after dropping her iPhone in the bath while charging it

Charging your iPhone has proven to be a dangerous endeavor in the past, but mixing chargers with water usually doesn't end well. More>>

Teen gets fired on Twitter after cursing about her new job

Definitely a surefire way to alienate your future co-workers and employers, a Texas teenage girl was fired over Twitter after complaining about having to start working the following day.  More>>

Museums say no to selfie sticks in bid to protect exhibits (and humans)

If you've been thinking about heading to New York City's Museum of Modern Art with the intention of using your selfie stick to grab a shot alongside Pollock's One: Number 31, 1950, forget it – articulated monopods are now banned. More>>

JetBlue becomes first airline to accept Apple Pay in the skies

Apple Pay is all set for lift off with JetBlue, enabling iPhone 6-owning passengers to purchase snacks, drinks and other items with a single touch. More>>

You can stop whispering: Your Samsung Smart TV isn't spying on you

Is your TV really eavesdropping in on your conversations? More>>

Does staring at screens all day really damage your eyes? We asked an expert

The amount of time we spend staring at screens has increased dramatically in the last few years.  More>>

Teen charged with murder after Snapchat selfie with victim surfaces

A 16-year-old teen from Pennsylvania has been charged with first-degree murder after a selfie showing the teen and his victim surfaced on Snapchat.  More>>

Disaster strikes when woman falls asleep on the floor near her robot vacuum

Do you own a robot vacuum and have longish hair? Evidently the little suckers are just waiting until we're at their level to try and sweep us up like so much rubbish.  More>>

RadioShack files for bankruptcy, Sprint to take over some stores

RadioShack, the consumer electronics retail business that started out 94 years ago, officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. More>>

A new day, a new hack attack, with health giant Anthem the latest cyber-victim

Is anyone safe from the malicious actions of cyber-criminals? It doesn't look that way, and Anthem's recent security breach may eclipse the invasion of privacy on Home Depot client records in terms of number of people directly affected. More>>

Smartphone device detects HIV, syphilis

A smartphone accessory that can detect HIV and syphilis has been developed by Columbia University researchers. More>>

Super Bowl XLIX was the most-watched program in U.S. television history

If it felt like everyone you knew in the U.S.was watching the Super Bowl over the weekend, that's because it's probably not far from the truth.  More>>

Here are our favorite ads from this year’s Super Bowl

The winner of this year's Super Bowl will be decided on February 1, but if you're more interested in which company will win the TV ad battle, then it's time to get started.  More>>

For big deals on big screens, wait until after the Super Bowl

It's Super Bowl time again. Deflategate has, well … deflated. And now your attention is fixed on a new TV.  More>>

This passport lets you use a selfie as the photo, no duck face allowed

Later this year, citizens of Ireland will be able to buy an official passport-style identification card that uses a selfie for the photo. More>>

The 5 best phones you can safely hand over to your kids’ grubby paws

These days, it takes more than simply ringing the steel triangle on your deck to round up the kids for supper.  More>>

7 kid-friendly tablets for keeping tiny ones tamed

It's no surprise that kids love tablets. Most tablets are easy to use and small enough for their grubby little hands.  More>>

Windows 10 isn’t just a step back to the desktop, it’s a step up

Today's Windows event was the flashiest to grace Redmond in years. More>>

NBC will live stream the Super Bowl for free

Super Bowl XLIX pits the Seattle Seahawks against the New England Patriots, and NBC wants everyone to stream along. More>>

Need 100 cases of Bud Light in less than an hour? There’s an app for that

Launching today in the Washington D.C. area, Anheuser-Busch has created an Android mobile app (iOS coming soon) that lets users order between 1 and 100 cases of Bud Light and have the beer delivered directly to their home.  More>>

Live Nation partners with Uber to let concertgoers skip the parking lot

Sometimes the hardest part about seeing live music is simply getting to the show — on time, and in one piece.  More>>

Hands on: Google Translate understood me in three foreign languages

One of the most distressing things about being American is the inability to understand or speak more than one language.  More>>

Facebook will start sending Amber Alerts to users

In the latest chapter of Facebook doing good, the social networking site will begin sending out Amber Alerts to its users.  More>>

iPhone separation anxiety is real, leads to increased heart rate and decreased smarts

If you feel a dark, heavy cloud over your head preventing you from being a fully functional human being whenever you forget to take your smartphone with you, you're not alone.  More>>

WatchESPN app makes history, frustrates NFL fans, and complicates online sports streaming

By most metrics, no company has had a better start to 2015 than the world's leader in sports.  More>>

Does he post a lot of 'selfies'? He might be a narcissist

That guy on Facebook posting dozens of "selfies" of himself -- at the beach, at work, partying -- might just be a narcissist, a new study suggests. More>>

Uber cuts prices in 48 cities, promises drivers they won’t lose out

Uber said it's cutting the cost of rides in 48 of its newer cities across the U.S. in an effort to “beat the winter slump.” More>>

Selfies hit a new low with the 'Belfie Stick'

The rise of the belfie (that's a selfie of your butt) has inspired the creators of photo-based social networking site to produce the Belfie Stick, a contraption designed to make it easier for butt-pic fans to take pics of their butt. More>>

Play King's Quest, Maniac Mansion, and more than 2,000 others for free

Children of the '80s and early '90s, rejoice! The Internet Archive has made a collection of nearly 2,400 MS-DOS games available to play for free in a browser-based emulator.


'Selfie course' offered by UK college

A college in the UK is about to launch what's thought to be the world's first ever 'selfie course.'


4 big trends to watch for at CES 2015

Check out this list of tech one expert predicts will be all over the place at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

Smartphones may charge up your thumbs

Regular use of touch screens on smartphones changes the way your fingers and brain work together, a new study reveals. More>>

Best last-minute Christmas gifts

It's never too late to get someone a gift.

The city of South Pittsburg simply can't stand criticism anymore, so it banned it

 Located in Tennessee, South Pittsburg city leaders said criticisms of the city have downplayed and hampered their work. 

FBI confirms North Korea is directly responsible for cyber attack on Sony Pictures [update]

By Matt SmithProvided by A new statement posted on the FBI's official website makes it clear; North Korea is the party responsible for the attack on Sony Pictures. This is the first announcement from a U.S. intelligence or law enforcement agency made on the record, and it all but confirms that widespread speculation about the nation's culpability was correct.The FBI has been working with Sony since the first few hours of the attack in an attempt to minimize the damage and figure out who was r... More>>

Virgin America completes rollout of faster Gogo ATG-4 Wi-Fi across fleet

Want fast Wi-Fi speeds at 35,000 feet? Get on a Virgin America flight. The carrier announced that it is the first to offer the faster ATG-4 inflight Wi-Fi service from Gogo across its entire fleet.  More>>

Priest installs cell phone jammer in church for silent sermons

Ever since phones landed in the hands of the masses, there've been stories of theater actors pausing mid-performance to have a go at someone whose phone started sounding at a crucial moment of the proceedings. It may not come as too much of a surprise to learn that priests, too, have been having a hard time of it.


Incredulous cop cites man for using his smartwatch while driving

In many states, using a cellphone while driving is a juridical no-no. But so might be using your smartwatch.  More>>

Instagram rolls out five new filters, first in two years

An Instagram update rolled out Tuesday gives users of the app five new filters to play around with.  More>>

Runner maps out marriage proposal using GPS app

 Romantic types looking for a fun way to propose to their partner may look to Brit Ben Chudley for inspiration.


Delta Airlines security glitch lets you access anyone's boarding pass

The holidays are a hectic time for airlines and airports, as they try to deal with the large influx of people visiting loved ones. The last thing anyone wants happening is some sort of security glitch that will ruin their holiday. More>>

More school shooting threats bring down After School from the App Store

After School lets students post anonymous messages for other students at their school to read. As you can imagine, such an app provides the perfect grounds for cyberbullying and school threats — and that's what happened at a Detroit high school, More>>

Constant email checks can leave you stressed

Looking for a way to help reduce your stress? Try checking your emails less often, researchers suggest. More>>

How a computer glitch brought London's airports to a standstill

 If the weather doesn't delay your flight, then a computer bug might.

Gifts for the tech-challenged

What is this thing and how do I turn it on? More>>

Nothing stands between some people and their rebel K-Cups

Some owners have managed to circumvent the security measures of the Keurig coffee machine. More>>

Need to sell your house ASAP? Opendoor will buy it from you in minutes

There are lots of sites, such as Zillow and Trulia, that exist to help homebuyers. But what about those that are putting their house on the market?  More>>

Facebook search now lets you relive all your old status updates

Earlier today, Facebook announced that the search function on mobile and the Web version of the social network will give users the ability to bring up specific posts in search results.  More>>

Text messages remind people to take medications

Text reminders improve the chances that patients will stick with their medication regimen, a new study finds. More>>

Apple’s garage inception story is an 'overblown myth,' says co-founder Wozniak

There's a fine line between real-life stories and legends — and outright myth-making — when it comes to the events that led to big historical breakthroughs. More>>

Sony Pictures hack revealed: 47k Social Security numbers, celeb data

The full extent of the recent Sony Pictures hack is starting to become clear, and will no doubt be causing the plush, leather chairs at head office to be squeaking a little louder than usual as executives squirm uncomfortably in their seats. More>>

Costumed Donkey Kong actor suing Nintendo for his broken heart

Parker Mills, an actor hired by Nintendo to wear a Donkey Kong costume at a 2013 Los Angeles Zoo event, is suing the gaming giant for damages due to stress caused by what he alleges were inhumane working conditions. More>>

NSA's Auroragold program spies on carriers to break into cell networks

Yet another top-secret National Security Agency (NSA) program has been unearthed by Glenn Greenwald's publication the Intercept.  More>>

A California man was just convicted for posting 'revenge porn' of an ex on Facebook

©   ©  

For the first time, a state has convicted someone for posting “revenge porn” pictures. More>>

Say goodbye to your waistline: Girl Scout Cookies are now just an app click away


After years of selling cookies the old-fashioned way, Girl Scouts will now have their own websites and apps to help them sell cookies digitally. More>>

Moving soon? This app makes updating your address less of a headache

©   ©  

If you move around a lot, changing your address can be a serious pain. More>>

Asking Santa for a smartwatch this year? You may want to think twice

If you have another tech savvy person on your holiday gift list, and a little extra money lining your jacket pocket this chilly season, you've no doubt been scouring for the ideal gift. More>>

10 of the juiciest portable battery chargers money can buy

Until there's a real breakthrough in battery technology a portable charger is a must have. More>>

Best Buy starts online only ‘early access’ Black Friday deals

Black Friday is supposed to be the day after Thanksgiving, but we can't even get to the holiday itself without companies giving us a chance to save. 

Leaving town? This box won't just detect a burst pipe, it will automatically stop it

Just in time for the frigid winter months that lie ahead, home improvement retailer Lowe's has just added an ingenious new gizmo to its popular Iris home automation line — a smart water valve that can automatically shut off your water if it detects that a pipe burst. More>>

Katy Perry chosen as Super Bowl Halftime Show after vowing not to 'pay to play'

Katy Perry confirmed on her personal Twitter account that she will be performing at the halftime show of Super Bowl XLIX in Phoenix on February 1, 2015 More>>

Android malware threat rears its head again — and this time it means business

A malware threat first observed in 2012 has evolved and hijacked more than 4 million Android devices to send spam emails, buy event tickets in bulk and crack WordPress accounts.  More>>

Poop-powered bus hits British roads

The U.K.'s first poop-powered bus hit the road this week, ferrying fare-paying passengers around parts of south-west England. More>>

Does Amazon's new Fire TV Stick put Roku out to pasture?

Amazon's Fire TV Stick was such a hit at launch that it is now backordered into next year.  More>>

Trip Advisor couple fined $150 by hotel for negative review

If you've ever left a negative review of a place on Trip Advisor, hopefully you haven't been hit with a fine for your efforts. More>>

Is Taylor Swift taking a stand against Spotify, or spouting propaganda for Google?

Last week Taylor Swift yanked her music from Spotify in a dramatic effort to stand against the devaluation of music … or she said at the time. More>>

It just got more expensive to leave your contract before Verizon wants you to

Verizon's new customers will have to pay more to jump ship. More>>

Cop tracks down one of LAPD’s most wanted fugitives after spotting him on Facebook

When you consider Facebook has 1.35 billion monthly users, with a good many of those active in the U.S., perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise that cops see the social networking service as a useful tool in the fight against crime. More>>

US government agency shuts down email system after hacking attack

Security concerns in U.S. government agencies are escalating. More>>

What?! If you post a photo of the Eiffel Tower on Facebook, you could be fined

Copyrights probably aren't the first thing you think about when you're on vacation in Paris, but it turns out that some landmarks, like the Eiffel Tower, are actually protected by copyright laws. More>>

Another giant leap: Rosetta lander reaches surface of Comet 67P

There were cheers and celebration across the Internet and in European and United States space agencies this morning with news that a small robotic lander had, for the first time, successfully touched down on a comet.


Man proposes marriage standing in a heart made of iPhones, still gets turned down

There's nothing like a grand gesture when proposing marriage. More>>

How to escape your phone contract without paying a dime

Are you desperate to get a new phone or switch your service, but reluctant to do so because you know you'll get slammed with a big, fat early termination fee? More>>

Porn stars want Google to help them combat piracy

Several figures in the porn industry have expressed their desire to have legitimate links shown more prominently and ahead of illegitimate ones. More>>

This is what happens when you push a GoPro into a floating water blob - in space

The latest say-what? footage to hit the Web is the work of three ISS astronauts – the European Space Agency's Alexander Gerst and NASA's Steve Swanson and Reid Wiseman – who had the idea of putting a GoPro inside a water bubble More>>

Microsoft goes all-in for mobile with free iOS and Android apps

Microsoft has made an effort to improve the mobile experience and now it's announcing new, free versions of its iOS apps with added functionality. Android apps are also on the way. More>>

Google Glass might curb your vision

Since its initial launch in 2013, Google Glass has been touted as a revolutionary entry into the world of "smart" eyewear. More>>

BlueLight gives college students an easy, more accurate way to alert police

Many college campuses feature a “Blue Light” system that allows students to get directly in touch with security. A new similarly named app called BlueLight brings the same functionality to your smartphone for an added sense of security both on and off campus. More>>

The Internet Arcade lets you play 900+ classic games in your browser

Whether you want to blast through blocks in Arkanoid or prove your martial arts prowess in Street Fighter II, there's a huge choice of titles for anyone in need of a quick nostalgia boost. More>>

Cops can make you unlock your phone with your fingerprint, but they can’t take your passcode

Fingerprint sensors may seem like the most secure way to lock your phone and protect your data, but according to a judge in Virginia, the police can compel you to unlock your phone with your fingerprint. More>>

Stay in and scream with 15 horror movies you can stream

Halloween is almost here, and while you shouldn't need an excuse to indulge in a little nightmare fuel, the looming holiday certainly makes the idea of watching scary movies a little more appealing. More>>

Technology gone bad: 15 horror movies to make you afraid of your toaster

With Halloween on the horizon, we decided to look back at some of the movie industry's most notable examples of household technology gone horribly wrong More>>

Apple CEO Tim Cook is proud to be gay, hopes his openness can help others

Apple CEO Tim Cook has, for the first time, publicly spoken about being gay. More>>

TV and movies are melting into the same thing, and tech is stirring the pot

Thanks to a number of factors, including new technologies, the difference between TV shows and movies is quickly eroding. More>>

The FTC is suing AT&T for throttling customers with unlimited data

This afternoon, the department announced that it's suing AT&T for throttling subscribers in an “unfair or deceptive manner.” More>>

From mile-high Wi-Fi to mobile boarding passes, which airline has the best tech?

Although pretzels and leg room may be shrinking, one amenity the airline industry offers has been growing: tech in the air. More>>

The 1,200mph Aerion supersonic jet will do London to New York in just over 4 hours

Supersonic air travel could make a triumphant return in the near future, at least for a select few individuals with extremely healthy bank balances.  More>>

Man accidentally texts his probation officer asking for weed

In yet another story that involves a potent mixture of mobile technology and general stupidity, Georgia resident Alvin Cross, Jr. most definitely texted the wrong person when recently seeking a little marijuana. More>>

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