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  • The Aries and Money


    While Arians could hit it big and make a bundle (many are entrepreneurs), it's more than likely that any fortune attained will be a result of their will to succeed, not a desire to get rich.
  • The Taurus and Money

    The Taurus and Money

    The slow and steady Bull is one of the Zodiac's great providers. Those born under this Sign are terrific with money, probably because they value it so much.
  • The Gemini and Money

    The Gemini and Money

    The chatty Twins might be considered the deal-makers of the Zodiac, albeit guileless ones--with the delicious ability to charm their way into the pocketbooks of everyone they meet.
  • The Cancer and Money

    The Cancer and Money

    Why do you think Crabs come equipped with a hard, protective shell? It's because security is of the utmost importance to these folks and that means financial security as well.
  • The Leo and Money

    The Leo and Money

    Leos enjoy taking a risk, but generally only if the odds are in their favor. It's not surprising for Las Vegas to beckon to the Lion who loves glamour and glitz along with some shiny new coins.
  • The Virgo and Money

    The Virgo and Money

    As befits their cautious and reflective nature, Virgos like to size up a situation first, making them good business partners. Perfection is the name of the game.
  • The Libra and Money

    The Libra and Money

    It should come as no surprise that the Scales like things to be in balance -- the checkbook, their lives. These folks are at their best with a partner to help them achieve their goals.
  • The Scorpio and Money

    The Scorpio and Money

    Don't cross a Scorpion in a business deal, because it could be a fatal move -- this is the Sign, after all, which rules sex, death, and money.
  • The Sagittarius and Money

    The Sagittarius and Money

    'Hey, Big Spender...' Yes, that little ditty was definitely referring to a Sagittarian, for those born under this Sign love to spend and usually have plenty of money with which to do it.
  • The Capricorn and Money

    The Capricorn and Money

    The Goat is oh-so-careful where money is concerned. Disciplined and focused Capricorns love routine and actually enjoy the hard work involved in achieving financial success.
  • The Aquarius and Money

    The Aquarius and Money

    Those born under this Sign are logical, love to think, and enjoy helping others, especially via charities and their pet causes.
  • The Pisces and Money

    The Pisces and Money

    Although the Fish may seem wishy-washy, they're actually quite good with money. Their dreams are important to them... and dreams require money to become a reality.

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