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Spring Cleaning by Sign

Tidying up and clearing out your closets can be rewarding, fun and such a relief. If you're looking to enlist the help of friends and family, save yourself some time and trouble -- take into account their Sun Signs! For an even more detailed housekeeping forecast, click on each Sign.

Aries: gets competitive over who's the speediest sweeper or whose rag is dustiest.

Taurus: goes over the same spot a million times with the vacuum, refusing to bend down to pick up the offending crumb.

Gemini: finishes their chores in half the time of everyone else.

Cancer: becomes preoccupied with your photo collection.

Leo: spends all day polishing down the mirrors.

Virgo: SO doesn't need your help.

Libra: keeps saying ""don't I look adorable in this apron?""

Scorpio: makes the bed, fluffs the pillows and asks for volunteers to test it out with them.

Sagittarius: doesn't like being stuck inside. Send them out for some fun on your riding lawnmower.

Capricorn: weighs the pros, cons and financial incentives and may decide to go with a better offer.

Aquarius: organizes your piles of junk into charity, recycle and compost.

Pisces: asks to do the windows and then keeps staring out into the yard.

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