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Andrew Drea joined The Herald-Whig in September 2016 and was promoted to news editor in June 2018. Andrew previously was a copy editor/page designer. Andrew has a bachelor of arts degree from Monmouth College and a master of arts from Purdue University. Andrew has experience at Gatehouse Media, was a graduate fellow at Ohio State University and most recently worked for the Jacksonville Journal Courier before coming to The Herald-Whig.


Quincy News

Potawatomi honor 180th anniversary of Trail of Death

About a dozen people huddled around a stone marker Wednesday evening on Quinsippi Island, watching Stanley Perry perform a blessing for forgiveness. Perry -- also known as Redhawk -- sang the Red Road song in Sioux, and then directed members to face in the four directions, starting with the east, and sprinkled tobacco around the marker, which commemorated the Potawatomi Trail of Death."Tobacco is one of our sacred herbs, and it is much like in church the incense," Perry said after the ceremony.