Comcast should give day's credit for outage

Posted: Jun. 26, 2011 12:01 am Updated: Oct. 15, 2014 9:35 am


To The Herald-Whig:

This letter is in reference to our Comcast cable service.

My comment is on the outage experienced on Sunday, June 12, of our cable services – Internet and television. I was speaking with a neighbor and he told me that he called Comcast and will be receiving a day's credit for his disruption of service.

My first question is why isn't Comcast giving all of their subscribers a day's credit on their monthly bill? Why do we need to call and be inconvenienced once again by waiting on hold to talk to a live customer service agent when they already know who was without service?

Why doesn't Comcast just do the right thing and give us all a day's credit on their monthly billing? Maybe John Spring should make this request.

I hope we don't have to flood their phone lines if we can find their phone number!

If they are already in the process of issuing a credit to all subscribers, then I want to say thank you for not waiting for a personal call from me or other subscribers and to please disregard this message.

Looking forward to viewing my bill.


Brenda K. Pittman



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