Tracy walks the walk for pro-life movement

Posted: Aug. 12, 2011 7:15 am Updated: Nov. 29, 2014 8:17 am

Mark Tracy of Mount Sterling arrived Wednesday in Washington D.C., and was ready for a rest after walking 3,300 miles.

Tracy, 21, was a participant in the Crossroads Pro-Life Walk Across America that will culminate Saturday in a pro-life rally in front of the U.S. Capitol. He started his walk in California on May 21 and was part a six- to eight-person team that traveled 60 to 80 miles a day. Teams of two or more would be on the road for 15 to 20 miles a day, trading off every five miles or so.

It was a big commitment for Tracy.

"Yeah, it's a tough decision. I'm a typical college kid. I've done jobs and internships in the summer before," Tracy said.

He made that tough decision because the pro-life movement is more than a theoretical exercise for Tracy.

"My sister, Kelsey, was adopted when I was around 2 years old. I would hate to imagine life without her, so I got involved," Tracy said.

In January, Tracy attended a conference where the Crossroads walk was promoted. Tracy thought at the time that he should get involved.

"I went back and forth in my mind, before I said I'd do the walk," Tracy said.

Jim and Jil Tracy are proud of their son for taking a stand for life.

"We live it. We're a pro-life household," state Rep. Jil Tracy said.

In addition to adopting Kelsey, Jil Tracy has placed a lot of children for adoption as an attorney. It's a matter of faith as well.

"God's will is a guiding force for my life," Jil Tracy said.

Kelsey's birth mother is pro-life as well. The California woman has written a children's book explaining how some parents try to do what is best for their child by giving them up for adoption.

Mark Tracy has his own stories to share -- along with some blisters on his feet.

"We walked down highways in the middle of nowhere," Mark Tracy said.

Some people would cheer the group or offer them food or drinks. Others would shout insults when they saw the group's shirts with "PRO LIFE" on them.

"We always want to make a peaceful and prayerful witness. We don't carry signs. We're not condemning," Mark Tracy said.

As part of that witness, Mark did interviews with newspapers, radio and television.

Mark Tracy would like to see an end to abortion in America. His message is that adoption is the right choice for those who don't want to or cannot raise a child.

During a long, hot and tiring summer, Tracy has shown he can walk the walk for the pro-life movement.


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