Why do some decisions take so long to make?

Posted: Aug. 12, 2011 8:45 am Updated: Oct. 15, 2014 10:15 am


To The Herald-Whig:

Yes, the scene on Broadway as shown by your article in the Whig is in disrepair, and it is also a disgrace. But do you not have to have a recent newcomer tell us that? It has been in this disgraceful condition for some 6 to 10 years. Mother Nature has done all she can to flatten it for us. Why has it taken so long for our planning department to note this?

Yes, the four-way stop at Fifth and Vermont is a good decision. It is needed now and will be needed even more when the Kroc Center gets going. But, why wasn't it put in place while the actual construction was going on? It was nearly impossible to see looking west on Vermont Street and sometimes there were problems driving south on Fifth.

Yes, we had some terrific wind a couple of weeks ago. Everyone is to be congratulated on the cleanup, slow as it might have seemed. But, what a heck of a job the Park District did in preparing their parks for every occasion the City had planned -- from Farmers Market in Washington Park to the Germanfest in South Park. I haven't seen much in writing congratulating them for their round-the-clock work schedule to get all of this done and on time too.

Yes, we have all kinds of rules and regulations on signs, right-of-way allowances, even businesses going into a location that are not suited for their particular business. However, in Quincy, and perhaps in our planning department, it seems to be true that anything can and will be changed or corrected for certain individuals. The sign for the Health Department is an example. That sign should be moved back some 5 feet and the permit to place it where it should not have been granted.

Yes, I love Quincy. Yes, I promote Quincy. Yes, I know I will probably never see this letter in print except on my computer. But, we are an upcoming community. Our medical groups have proven this. We are the center of the 110 highway -- the Chicago, Quincy, Kansas City route. Our industry and schools keep our workforce current. This is true only if our workforce wants to be kept current.

Yes, I need to get back to work and I hope some of my thoughts can be printed.


Pat Bybee



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