Elks will always remember Bob Mays

Posted: Aug. 12, 2011 8:45 am Updated: Oct. 15, 2014 10:15 am


To The Herald-Whig:

In early 1989 the Elks Lodge with its 325 members was in a two-story brick building at 1017 Maine St. This was the exact location that the Quincy Medical Group needed to complete their layout for the parking lot that would become part of their large development between 10th and 11th, Maine and Hampshire. As the move for the Elks became more and more evident, Bob Mays with his desire to see development at the riverfront suggested to Elks trustees that the one-half block on the bluff overlooking the Mississippi would be an ideal spot.

Bob's idea was great since it solved two problems, the continuation of development on Maine Street and a new and exciting development for the Elks Lodge. He knew we were on a tight budget and he really wanted us to occupy this prime location. Our building was built and finished in time for its dedication on Oct. 20, 1990.

A month before the dedication, Bob had an 8-foot Colorado blue spruce planted on the corner of our property, a gift for the project. This meant a bond between the Elks Lodge and Bob Mays would produce what you see today -- a meaningful development on the Quincy riverfront, something Bob longed to see. Although Spring Lake was always first in his heart, the Elks Lodge was one more dream he had for Quincy that came true.

And for the Elks Lodge, its membership more than doubled, its activity in Quincy increased, as evident in the Flood of ‘93. Donations from other Elk lodges in our state were received and distributed by Elk members to needed areas. As his year's motto states, in 1993 we were loud, proud and visible.

The Elks will always remember Bob Mays and his determination to solve problems with viable solutions. He will be missed.


Paul Rakers

Past Exalted Ruler

Quincy Elks Lodge No. 100


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