Three animal shelters lead to confusion among pet owners

Posted: Sep. 8, 2011 9:25 am Updated: Oct. 15, 2014 10:15 am

To The Herald-Whig:

I would like to clear up some confusion regarding animals in the city of Quincy. There are three facilities that handle animals. If your dog or cat is lost in the Quincy city limits and is picked up by Animal Control it will be at the city of Quincy Animal Shelter at 1800 North 24th Street. The phone number is 217-277-8000.

If your dog is picked up outside the city it will be at the County Animal Shelter located at 3910 Wismann Lane. The phone number is 217-222-2133. The other facility is the Quincy Humane Society located at 1701 North 36th Street. The phone number is 217-223-8786. They do not take in strays, they adopt pets and provide low or no cost spay or neuter and shots.

The Quincy Animal Shelter works in tandem with Animal Control and works under a contract with the city to provide shelter for animals found running at large and tries to return them to their owners. In the event that the animal is not reclaimed after four days, they are then available for adoption. This contract comes up for bid every five years and was previously held by the Quincy Humane Society at their old facility as well as Western Illinois Veterinary Clinic, which is now the county shelter.

If you need to report an animal running at large or another animal issue please call dispatch at 217-222-9360 and they will contact Animal Control to help you.

Neither the city nor county shelters are no-kill. The Quincy Humane Society is the only no-kill facility due to the fact that they can choose to accept animals or not. The shelters do not have that option. Due to the volume of animals the shelters must deal with they cannot be no-kill.

All animals that are adopted must be spayed or neutered and microchipped according to law. If you have an animal impounded more than once it will be spayed or neutered at your expense if you wish to reclaim. All animals that are reclaimed must have a current rabies shot.

If you need to surrender an animal because you can no longer care for it there is a surrender fee. The Quincy Animal Shelter will take surrender animals as long as they have room to house them and the fee is paid.


Chris Keane



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