Perry a rare politician who says what he thinks, even when that shows he's pushing for failure

Posted: Sep. 22, 2011 9:31 am Updated: Oct. 15, 2014 10:15 am


To The Herald-Whig:

Recently Rick Perry advised the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board not to visit Texas, not on business anyway; I trust he was not treasonous to Texas by discouraging the chairman's tourist dollar. But so far reactions to his remarks have failed to put sharp enough a point on our good fortune in being able at last to observe that rare animal, an honest politician who says what he thinks.

Here is what Rick thought and then said: "Printing more money to play politics at this particular time in American history is almost treacherous -- or treasonous in my opinion." All of his truth telling is there; we only need apply elementary logic.

First, then, it is obvious that the only way printing more money could play politics, that is, help the president, is if it succeeded in its stated purpose of creating jobs. But isn't that what the Federal Reserve is supposed to do in a recession, as mandated by Congress?

So what is wrong with that? To whom is it treasonous?

Well, to Rick Perry. It would hurt his chances in the election. Or you could say treasonous to Republicans in general, and in fact the next question to raise is whether Perry's candor throws light on July's antics in Washington?

But I would be ashamed to exploit Perry's honesty for merely partisan purposes. The lessons we draw should aim to be universal. No doubt there are cases of Democrats too wishing their country ill to benefit their party. In fact, during Iraq, it was often said that Democrats hoped the war would go badly. But that was said by Republicans; no Democrat manned up to it.

And that is precisely the great and unique value of Rick Perry, our politician who mans up to the truth. But seize the day. No doubt even now they are trying to teach him to think twice. The acrid breath of Rove's cynicism may soon blight the delicate bloom of his innocence. Let Perry be Perry.

Meanwhile, what conclusions do you say we should draw from this particular truth Perry has served up for our benefit?


Mowbray Allan



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