Asian carp offers one way to help feed a hungry world

Posted: Oct. 6, 2011 9:21 am Updated: Oct. 15, 2014 10:15 am


To The Herald-Whig:

In the 1960s I joined the Fish Farmers Association of Missouri. I was on the board of directors for 20 years as a small time fish farmer. I sold grass carp, one of the algae eaters, that helps to keep the water in ponds and lakes healthy. The grass carp or white amur came from the Armur River in Siberia, I am told. The silver carp and the big head carp come from Asia, I am told. I have written letters to Missouri Department of Conservation about capitalizing on the abundance of fish in all our rivers and lakes.

Now I applaud the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for their efforts to help feed a hungry world with their idea. Maybe we can do away with some of the millions we spend on food stamps. I love the taste of properly prepared carp, a health food.

You see you have to plant corn. It sells for $7.50 more or less, or a bushel or soybean which sells for $12 a bushel or wheat which can bring $7 a bushel. Just look at the diesel fuel to produce these three grains. Now we have a completely free source of food. You don't have to plant Asian carp. They don't cost anything to feed. Lets harness this free source of protein, again, health food.

I love steaked carp and steaked buffalo. Lately I have taste smoked white carp, bighead carp and grass carp. I love the taste of the smoked carp.

Think of the thousands of unemployed people that this harnessed enterprise would employ.

In China carp is one of the most desired fish. They have been raising carp for centuries. They fish farm and raise carp.

Henry Ford put America on wheels. Japan showed how to make an efficient car in the Toyota. Korea makes the Kia and guarantees it for 100,000 miles.

Somebody needs to show us how to harness this free healthy source of food, namely Asian carp.

Also, I have written many times we need to harness the sun. We need to heat our homes and propel our machinery with solar energy. Every school lab and company needs to help harness solar energy. Asian carp is one way to help feed a hungry world. Also solar energy will not run out. You cannot spike the price of solar energy.

Our continued stay on this one of a kind planet hinges on how quickly and well we harness many things in the present and future. I give the Illinois Department of Natural Resources an A-plus for their efforts with a super idea.


Russ Heindselman

LaGrange, Mo.


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