U.S. government must regulate corporations to protect individuals, republic

Posted: Oct. 21, 2011 7:56 am Updated: Oct. 15, 2014 10:15 am


To The Herald-Whig:

Since the robber baron era of Rockefeller, Ford and Morgan, large corporations and now their accomplices on Wall Street have been the unelected and mostly unregulated fourth branch of our government.

Without a strong federal government, does anyone honestly believe huge corporations, operating unchecked in the free market, will do the right thing and act in a principled way? Once again we've been shown they must be constantly regulated, forced to stop shipping jobs overseas and required to treat workers fairly while earning a reasonable profit.

Government exists, in part, to protect us from large, greedy and unprincipled corporations. Corporate mergers are once again so rampant that soon a few corporations could run everything. Republicans want less government yet spend more and regulate our personal lives with the zeal of crack heads. They aid and abet these immoral and unprincipled corporations in the name of free markets and inexplicably, Christianity.

In 1776 America declared its independence from England. A huge part of this act of defiance was to un-tether itself from the oppression of English corporations. Early American corporations were solely limited to conducting business that was in the country's best interest. Skepticism of corporations was huge and our laws limited their power. Corporations were banned from influencing civic society, public policy and elections.

When right wing Supreme Courts, politicians and pundits support corporate greed at the expense of working people, they are not Christians, pro-family or fiscally responsible, they are anti-American.

History shows that responsible, comprehensive regulation of free market, mega corporations and Wall Street is essential for the health of our republic/democracy.


Bob Yap

Hannibal, Mo.


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