Real estate transfers reported Dec. 11, 2011

Posted: Dec. 7, 2011 6:11 pm Updated: Nov. 28, 2014 3:17 pm


Real estate transactions recorded in the office of Adams County Clerk-Recorder Georgia Volm:


Quincy area

W. C. Holzgrafe Construction Co., a residence at 5425 S. 24th, to Scott and Marybeth Swigart.

Patricia A. Cowan, property at 3422 Lindell Ave., to Summer T. Tournear.

Lindsey K. and Timothy J. Von Fange, a residence at 2030 Grove Ave., to Susan R. and Thomas W. MacDonough

Tina M. and Victor P. Wingerter, a residence at 1809 Maine, to Charles H. and Jamie L. Scholz.

Cynthia K. and Daniel J. Henke, a residence at 2221 N. Wilmar Drive, to Tina M. and Victor P. Wingerter.

Carrie L. and Daniel J. Veile, a residence at 1305 Daniel Court, to Craig D. and Misty D. Spilker.

US Bank NA, trustee, a residence at 619 S. Seventh, to Lawrence Hutmacher.

Christopher S. Knapp, Melissa C. Knapp and Melissa C. Reddick, a residence at 2114 Washington, to Hannah E. Ott.

Laveta R. Laird, a residence at 439 N. 30th, to Samantha J. Hoener.

John P. Morgan and Lynda G. Baker, a residence at 2020 S. Sheridan Drive, to Mary Nebe.

Bradley Earl Stephenson, property at 118 Riverview, to Joseph Robert Stephenson.

Amber R. Schwartz, Amber R. Wheeler, Charles N. Wheeler, Donald R. Schwartz and Susan L. Schwartz, a residence at 805 S. 14th, to Erin Angell.

Don J. Benz, property at 3101 Wynstone Drive, to Don J. and Joan E. Benz.

Patsy M. Wand, trustee, of Thomas and Patsy Wand Trust, property at 715-719 Harrison St., to Cheryl Terwelp, Gary A. Terwelp and James A. Terwelp.

Patsy M. Wand, trustee, of Thomas and Patsy Wand Trust, property at 1420 S. Eighth, to Cheryl Terwelp, Gary A. Terwelp and James A. Terwelp.

Jane Haslem, a residence at 1814 Wilmar Drive, to Bashir H. Mamdani and Meenal B. Mamdani.

Barbara Rowell, attorney in fact, and Marian E. Grimmer, a residence at 910 S. 24th, to Phyllis V. and Wayne A. Brinkley.

Douglas J. Freel, property at 130 Woodlawn Road, to Douglas J. Freel and Regina L. Freel.

Cheryl R. and William W. Burlend III, a residence at 1405 Kieferlund Court, to Craig B. and Erin E. Kurk.

Michael A. Cleesen, property at 2521 Elm, to Sharon M. Sparrow.

Pamela Sue Thomas, property at 613 Elm, to Kasey and Steven W. Murry.

Mary E. and Stanley C. Musholt, a residence at 2621 Lakeside Drive, to Dennis D. and Karen E. Goodwin.

Gerald L. Davis, Tonia McKiernan, and Tonia Schmits, property at 1429 Chestnut, to Gerald L. Davis, Scot McKiernan and Tonia McKiernan.

Keith R. Patton, property at 2433 Elm, to Jackie L. Patton.

Albert C. Jansen Estate, Jeffrey J. Jansen and Karen A. Spring, executors, property in Fall Creek Township, to Evelyn R. Jansen.

Maxine E. King Trust, Maxine E. King, trustee, property in Ellington Township, to Maxine E. King, trustee, R&M King Trust, Roger W. King, trustee.

Glenna M. and Ronald L. Sorrill, property at 811 Cherry, to Town and Country Bank.

Kim D. Kimbrell, property at 1602 Maple, to Chase Roy Johnson.

Dick W. Wellman, property at 327 S. 12th, to Dick W. Wellman and Robin A. Wellman.

Dennis L. Hall, property at 3000 Schildt Lane, to Carol Mae Hall.

Arlene R. Powers, Randall L. Powers and Sandra K. Patterson, property at 1401 S. 24th, to LC Contractors Inc.

First Bankers Trust Co., N.A., property at 5230 N. Sixth, to Daniel P. Shelts and Jacquelyn K. Weisenburger.

James M. and Linda A. Leathers, a residence at 722 S. 19th, to Terry E. Austin.

Spring Lake Country Club, vacant land at 5032 Homan Falls Road, to Richard C. Blickhan.

Glenna M. Turner, property at 4923 Lake Ridge Drive, to Glenna M. Turner and Kim S. Turner.

June Frances and Richard G. Winking, a residence at 222 Cherry, to Frank E. Winking.

Maxine E. King Trust, Maxine E. King, trustee, property 620 Eagle Trace, to R&M King Trust, Roger W. King, trustee.


Adams County

Brines Strong Trust, Cuthbert M. Strong, trustee, property in Northeast Township, to Brines Strong Family Trust.

Brines Strong Trust, Cuthbert M. Strong, trustee, property in Northeast Township, to Cuthbert M. Strong Trust.

J. Mark Graham and Judith Graham, property in Richfield Township, to Graham Family Trust, John M. and Judith L. Graham, trustees.

Craig B. Kurk, land in Ursa Township, to Kristy A. Shepherd.

Ronald A. Vollbracht, Rose Ann Huber and Rose Ann Vollbracht, a residence at 407 S. Franklin St., Clayton, to Ronald H. Huber.

Glenna Moller, timberland in Honey Creek Township, to Dean F. and Kay E. Peters.

Delbur M. and Janet E. Knorr, vacant land at 2830 E. 2100th St., Golden, to Ashley J. and Dallas C. Caron.

Philip Shrader, attorney in fact, Philip Shrader and Viola Shrader, a farm at 1919 N. 1950th Ave., Coatsburg, to Kirk W. and Sarah A. Venvertloh.

Esther M. and William J. Doane, a residence at 2437 N. 443rd Lane, Liberty, to Joseph W. and Suzanne C. Geczi.

Esther M. and William J. Doane, farmland in Richfield Township, to Joseph W. and Suzanne C. Geczi.


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