Answers: Questions about fix or flatten, Seventh and Jefferson

Posted: Feb. 17, 2012 10:13 pm Updated: Sep. 20, 2013 4:53 pm

How do you nominate a house for the fix-or-flatten program in Quincy?

Every spring as part of the budget, the city's inspection office submits a list of properties believed to be eligible for the city fix-or-flatten program. The list is reviewed by the Quincy City Council, and properties are added or deleted. For a property to be eligible, according to the llinois unsafe building statue, a building has to be open to the public, utilities shut off and taxes owed. Quincy takes on about a dozen properties a year. If a resident would like to propose a property for the fix-or-flatten list, he can call the city inspection office at 228-4515 or talk to a City Council member. The property will have to meet the unsafe building criteria to be on the list.

What is going on with the house located on the northeast corner of Seventh and Jefferson?

City Planner Chuck Bevelheimer says the building at 701 Jefferson is on the upcoming fix-or-flatten proposals. The water is shut off, and the last three years of taxes have been paid by a tax buyer, so the city inspection office has determined the property is abandoned. The brick in a number of areas is falling off the building, with significant cracks visible from the street, and the roof needs to be replaced. "I would think this building could be saved, but inspection has not made a structural assessment of the building," Bevelheimer says.

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