Real estate transfers: Reported March 4

Posted: Mar. 4, 2012 12:01 am Updated: Apr. 1, 2012 1:15 am

Real estate transactions recorded in the office of Adams County Clerk-Recorder, according to Clerk-Recorder Georgia Volm.


Quincy area

Eva M. Rudisil, Gary A. Rudisil, attorney-in-fact, and Gary A. Rudisil and Gary J. Rudisil, a residence at 911 S. 15th, to Darla A. Rardon.

Roger L. and Tara A. Stegeman, a residence at 2236 Sycamore, to Daniel J. and Garrett R. Riley.

Shannon M. Griswold and Shannon M. Law Martin, a residence at 208 N. 27th, to Elisabeth A. Kerr.

Cheri A. Wojcik, a residence at 1525 Highland Lane, to Amy M. and Ronald Stephen Wiewel.

Colleen A. Snyder and Randall J. Stark, executors of the Phyllis J. Stark Estate, property at 1508 S. Ninth, to Randall J. Stark.

Donald J. Blair Trust, Donald J. Blair, trustee, Shirley A Blair Trust, Shirley A. Blair, trustee, property at 2925 Mayfair Road, to David L. and Susan L. Cramsey.

Judy A. Wiseman, executor, of Phyllis J. Holcumbrink Estate, property at 1706 N. Granview Drive, to Ann and Casey Tushaus.

Dedert Construction Inc., a residence at 1219 Cadbury Ridge, to Gregory K. and Janet E. Hay.

John L. and Susan E. Lang, a residence at 5017 Lookout Ridge, to Robin A. and Terrence A. Bennett.

Kristen L. Cook and Kristen L. Hudson, property at 1501 Adams, to Kristen L. and Ryan M. Cook.

Celia M. Courtois, a residence at 515 N. Seventh, to Gailand G. Courtois.

Agnes I. Vahle, a residence at 2314 Jefferson, to Thomas B. Mitchell.

Andrea L. Holtschlag and Andrea L. Witt, a residence at 811 S. 19th, to Bradley C. Bunch.

John M. and Vivian O. Funke, property at 1229 Madison, to John M. Funke and Vivian O. Funke Trust.

J. Churchill Construction Inc., a residence at 933 N. 50th, to Linda F. Wilt.

Frank E. and Yvonne L. Leseure, a residence at 634 Pawn Ave., to Donald L. and Phyllis J. Wiesemann.

J. Churchill Construction Inc., land at 5020 College Age., to JC Properties LLC.

Carolyn E. Ayres, property at 3720 Queen Anne Ave., to Carol E. Ayres Life Estate and Lisa S. Stehl.

Rachel L. LeClair, a residence at 3025 Lindell Ave., to Andrew J. Baker.

Willetz Inc., property at 1506 Chestnut, to Denise M. Williams, Douglas L. Williams, Mary J. Ganshert Stretz and William T. Stretz.

Kevin Hamann, a residence at 1515 Oak, to Breanna L. Bouck.

Diana L. and Louis P. McClelland, land only on Quincy lot, to Timberline Terrace LP.

Albert F. and Joyce A. Sohn, a residence at 730 N. 14th, to Amanda K. Coggeshall.

Bockenfeld Construction Inc., property at 8600 Broadway, to Dawn R. and Shaun P. Bruening.

Robert A. Deverger and Sheila F. Deverger, property at 831 S. Fifth, to Robert Allen Deverger Jr.

Gena J. and William J. Awerkamp, property at 1732 N. 16th, to Quincy Area Habitat for Humanity Inc.

Bessie C. Gibson and Bessie C. Heinze, a residence at 2811 W. Bluff Court, to Brenda L. Holton.

Palmyra State Bank, an apartment building at 300-302 Cedar, to Lorenzo R. Payan Jr.

Anthony T. and Laura A. Stutzman, a residence at 2186 Lexington, to Andrew W. and Tiffany L. Gerth.

David K. Sparks, a residence at 1021 N. Fifth, to Connie J. and David K. Sparks.

Linda S. and Terry O. Nall, a residence at 2626 Lind, to Mathew K. Higley.

James R. Stotler, an apartment building at 619-621 Spruce, to Hugh H. and Kathryn L. Roderick.

Alberta R. Denison, a residence at 1605 W. Granview Drive, to Gregory S. Dugan.

Catherine L. Hildebrand, Dennis Charles Hildebrand, Kenneth Hildebrand, Lawrence L. Hildebrand, Lester Hildebrand, and Michael George Hildebrand, farmland at 4500 Wismann Lane, to Brent C. and Jacqueline A. Mast.

Mary A. Bizallion Trust and Mary A. Bizallion, Trustee, a residence at 6802 St. Ludgerus Road, to Julie K. and Kevin W. McClean.

Donald K. Shaw, property at 2622 Lind, to Crystal A. Shaw.

Pamela C. and Stephen A. Shepherd, a residence at 1301 S. 22nd, to Kristin H. Soebbing.


Adams County

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., a residence at 108 E. York, Camp Point, to Dustin W. Griffin.

Carol and Jeff Wilson, a residence at 108 S. Fulton, Payson, to Dustin and Rebecca Bingaman.

Tonya Klauser, property at 2245 N. 12050th Ave., Liberty, to Eugene Klauser.

Andrew W. Bartell, property in Northeast Township, to Andrew W. Bartell, Trustee of Helen K. Bartell Estate.

Judith K. and Robert T. McCleary, a residence at 963 Maple Ridge Drive, Liberty, to Tonya L. Klauser.

George W. Morrison Trustee and SYM GWM LLLP, property at 2666 E. 2200th, Golden, to George W. Morrison Trust.

George W. Morrison Trust, George W. Morrison Trustee, property in Houston Township, to SYM GWM LLLP.

Arthur L. Martin Jr. and Earl W. Martin, executors, of Mary C. Martin Estate, property at 2249 N. 1st Ave., Barry, to Michael H. Kenady.

Angela J. Ruble, a residence at 315 Sycamore, Payson, to Whitney N. Bradshaw.

Gene F. Shriver, property in Ursa Township, to North Adams Historical Society.

Lynell and Robert S. Martin, farmland in Lima Township, to John H. and Roni S. Brackensick.

Bradley D. Albers, property at 505 Warsaw St., Golden, to Edward E. and Tracy K. Post.

Shawn T. Peters, Tina L. Hild and Tina L. Peters, a residence at 2210 N. 1500th Ave., Camp Point, to Adam E. and Rachel R. Taylor.

Donald L. Barton, Lynette Ann Barton and Lynette Ann Likes, property at 2547 E. 2200th, Golden, to Amanda Schmidt and Brad Genenbacher.

Elmer H. and Evelyn M. Aden, property in Camp Point Township, to Pamela K. and Roderick D. Flesner.

Jason A. and Lindsey A. Cooley, a residence at 318 N. Vermont, Camp Point, to Cameron D. Campbell.

Adam E. and Rachel R. Taylor, a residence at 313 N. Ohio, Camp Point, to Jason A. and Lindsey A. Cooley.

Wilma K. Thornton, farmland at 2660 Hwy. 96 North, Ursa, to Kevin P. Schrader.

Stephen R. Steinkuhler, a residence at 200 S. Missouri, Camp Point, to Joseph E. Hooper.

Arthur L. Martin and Earl W. Martin, executors, property at 2251 N. 1st Ave., Barry, to Mary C. Martin Estate and Earl W. Martin.




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