Answers: Questions about motorcycle noise, weeds, Cape Air and a Target store

Posted: Jul. 20, 2012 2:44 pm Updated: Sep. 20, 2013 4:53 pm

Is there a city ordinance regarding the noise motorcycles are allowed to make in the city? Is there a city ordinance regarding the use of "straight pipes" on motorcycles as opposed to exhausts with mufflers? If either of the above is a "yes," then why is this not being enforced?

Quincy Police Department Deputy Chief Curt Kelty says this is an issue each spring, but the department didn't really receive as many complaints this year. Kelty says the city ordinance definition of unnecessary noise is very vague, making it difficult to enforce because officers need enough proof for a conviction. The city muffler ordinance only requires that the muffler works, and it gives no further guidance other than the restriction of cutouts.

The state statute has similar wording. Some QPD officers received training a few years ago on what to look for to tell whether a motorcyclist was operating with legally installed mufflers.

"When it comes to enforcement, we've used a standard similar to that found in the loud music-statute, using distance as a tool to determine whether the sound they hear is excessive," Kelty says.

In many cases, the motorcycle may be well within the law, yet makes excessive noise because of the way it's driven at a given time.

"A motorcyclist may drive just fine when he sees a marked car, but hammers it a few blocks later and makes a lot of noise," Kelty points out. "Someone may perceive that we didn't enforce the law, when in reality, the law wasn't broken when the officer was present to take action."

To just hear motorcycles and be annoyed by them doesn't mean QPD doesn't enforce the laws governing them, Kelty says.

How tall can weeds grow in Quincy residential areas before something can be done?

Above 10 inches.

Is it true that there have been negotiations with Target stores, and that there is a possibility of a Target coming to town?

No. City officials say they have not been contacted.

Where in Quincy can you purchase clothing that is made in America?

There are dozens of retail outlets, large and small, that sell clothing. Aside from calling each and every place, it's difficult to tell. One business we contacted that does work with screens and T-shirts says very little clothing is made in this country. Twenty years ago, U.S. manufacturers supplied about 50 percent of the clothing sold here. But since then, American garment factories have slashed more than 700,000 jobs. Today, Americans import about 98 percent of their apparel and 99 percent of their footwear from foreign countries, according to the American Apparel and Footwear Association.

Some flights were canceled at Quincy Regional Airport recently. What happened, and how has Cape Air done this year for on-time performance and flight completion?

Penny Landers, station manager for Cape Air, said mechanical problems led to three cancellations this month. Single flights were canceled July 5, July 6 and July 10 because of mechanical problems. Another flight on July 10 was delayed by more than an hour and a half. Weather between St. Louis and Quincy also led to a flight cancellation on July 13.

"In addition to providing alternative ground transportation for all the passengers, I was able to rebook passengers' connecting flights -- except with Southwest and AirTran -- in order to get them to their final destination," Landers said.

On-time performance January through March was 94 percent, and the flight completion rate was 99 percent. There was 96 percent on-time performance in April and 95 percent on-time performance in May, and all flights were completed during those months. June flight completion was at 99 percent, and on-time performance was 97 percent. July numbers are not yet complete.

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