What readers said on the Herald-Whig's live chat and social media

Posted: Oct. 12, 2012 8:54 am Updated: Nov. 29, 2014 12:17 am

The Herald-Whig hosted a live web chat during the vice presidential debate and also kept the conversation going on Twitter and Facebook. Here are some comments from our readers.

On our live chat

Biden looked stunned by Ryan's quick start.

Uncle Joe is a master debater.

Biden with the silly, fake laugh. Not appealing.

This moderator is no Jim Lehrer.

Bush left Obama an economic mess. Now Republicans are complaining that it's not being cleaned up quickly enough.

Do you really think Ryan in Biden's "friend"?

Can we just have Bill Clinton back?

On Facebook regarding who won the debate

Dawn Tindall: I personally don't really care for either. I'd have more faith in my 9 year old. At least he admits when he's telling stories.

Jeremy Oshner: Ryan not only (won), he looked like a much nicer person.

Richard Askew III: I think Biden won tonight, he was speaking the truth.

Mary Platt-Lindley: VP Biden knocked it out of the park!

Adam Scott: Ryan wiped that smug little grin off of Biden's face.

Rawn Hart: Biden was rude " Ryan was more the statesman.

Heidi Rauch Merkel: I would like to have heard what Ryan had to say " instead I had to listen to Biden interrupting and talking over him.

Gary McEwen: Joe got this one all the way!

Jennifer Jones: I don't care.

On Twitter

@scottalthompson on Ryan's comment about Biden: "Sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way." " But Biden also said that he means what he says. I'd rather have a VP who was honest and not so eloquent rather than a flipper.

@JulieTerstriep on Biden's statement: "Everybody knows whatever I say, I do." - Doesn't sound very convincing when u simply read the words. #WhoRUTrying2Convince?

@HowardKirchner: Ryan won tonight

@ProFamilyIL: Paul Ryan won.

View a replay of the live chat on our Election Page.


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