Answers: Questions about signs at city limits, United Way funds and South 22nd parking

A sign recognizing the accomplishments of the Quincy Notre Dame championship teams was posted recenlty by employees with the Illinois Department of Transportation on Broadway near 54th Street. (H-W Photo/Michael Kipley)
Posted: Nov. 30, 2012 2:55 pm Updated: Nov. 28, 2014 2:32 pm


I was wondering if they still put signs up at the city limits that show state championships that have been won by our local high schools. Since Quincy Notre Dame won five state championships last year, I thought it might be nice for this hard work to be displayed. This would also show our pride in our city's youth.

A sign recognizing the accomplishments of the QND championship teams was posted Nov. 2 by employees with the Illinois Department of Transportation on Broadway near 54th Street. Quincy Mayor John Spring worked with IDOT officials this fall to get work on the sign started.

"We had to find a way to get all five titles to fit on one sign," Spring laughed.

Spring said the process for getting a sign recognizing the accomplishment of an athlete or team in a state tournament competition begins when the principal of the school writes a letter to the mayor's office, asking if a sign can be put up. Spring then contacts the Illinois Department of Transportation if he believes a sign is warranted.

"I have to give them all the necessary wording for how many lines and how many words, and there are rules like you can't use commas and things like that," Spring said. "If there's a present sign up for the same school, then it comes down, and those signs are typically given to (the city) or they are delivered to the respective schools."

Spring said the signs are only posted at the Broadway location near 54th Street, and they typically are left up for at least a year.


Are any of the United Way funds distributed to Planned Parenthood in Quincy?

There is no Planned Parenthood organization in Quincy, and Cheryl Waterman, executive director for the United Way of Adams County, says if one ever did exist, it was not funded by the United Way.

Waterman says the United Way has records dating to 1937 that show how funds have been allocated to community agencies every year. United Way currently funds 33 programs of 22 partner organizations, and all of the funds raised in Adams County are allocated to agencies serving local people.

Agencies that want to apply for funds must present an application in the fall to become a partner organization and meet certain standards. If this is approved by the volunteer committee, then the organization can request funds in the following spring.

"Teams of volunteers decide each year which agencies will be eligible to request funds and how those funds are allocated to programs of the agencies," Waterman said.

Waterman said each local United Way operates independently, so the list of funded programs will be different based on community priorities and how these teams of volunteers decide to invest the funds.


Are there plans to allow parking on one side only of South 22nd Street north of Jefferson? The street is very narrow and does have a lot of traffic. If you meet a car, one of the cars has to pull over to allow the other to pass. This also is a city bus route. Should you meet a bus, it is extremely difficult to pass, especially if cars are parked there.

City Engineer Jeff Steinkamp said the city has no plans to do anything with parking in the area. Residents who want the city to consider this option should contact 4th Ward Aldermen Mike Farha (228-1741) or Tony Sassen (223-2037) and ask them submit their idea to the traffic commission for review and recommendation.


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