2012 Herald-Whig All-Area Football: The list

Posted: Dec. 2, 2012 12:25 am Updated: Dec. 30, 2012 12:40 am

First Team Offense

Coy Dorothy, Quarterback, Sr., West Hancock

Dalton Heubner, Running back, Sr., Central-Southeastern

Mitch Nichols, Running back, Sr., Hannibal

Trace Windsor, Running back, Soph., South Shelby

Malique Robbins, Fullback, Jr., Quincy High School

Austin Egley, All-Purpose back, Sr., Clark County

Kolbie Schilson, Wide Receiver, Sr., West Hancock

Austin Hardy, Wide receiver, Sr., West Hancock

Wes Mefford, Tight end, Sr., South Shelby

Jake Borgmeyer, Lineman, Sr., Hannibal

Brandon Bourgeois, Lineman, Sr., Clark County

Clay Finklea, Lineman, Sr., Quincy High School

Drew Miller, Lineman, Sr., Central-Southeastern

Riley Schmitz, Lineman, Sr., South Shelby


Second-Team Offense

Brock Butler, Quarterback, Jr., Palmyra

Tyler Steinkamp, Running back, Sr., Mark Twain

Zach Abney, Running back, Sr., Pittsfield

Douglas Weese, Running back, Sr., Central-Southeastern

Ben Gittings, Fullback, Sr., Illini West

Caleb Bieniek, All-purpose back, Sr., Hannibal

Derick Smith, Wide receiver, Sr., Highland

Jayvin Ray, Wide receiver, Jr., Clark County

Bobby Gruenloh, Tight end, Sr., Palmyra

Kale Carlisle, Lineman, Sr., Illini West

Will Funkenbusch, Lineman, Sr., Palmyra

Nathan Miller, Lineman, Sr., Knox County

Hadley Roberts, Lineman, Soph., South Shelby

Brendan McConnell, Lineman, Sr., Palmyra


Honorable Mention Offense

Quarterbacks -- Connor Kelle, Sr., Quincy High School; Joe McCaughey, Jr., Quincy Notre Dame; Dalton Powell, Jr., Hannibal; Seth Leezer, Sr., Central-Southeastern; Thomas Donley, Sr., Unity-Payson; Donovan Edwards, Jr., Knox County; David Heathman, Sr., South Shelby

Running Backs -- Chris Sparks, Sr., Highland; Braxton Phelps, Sr., Brown County; Seth Stroemer, Sr., Pleasant Hill; Dilan Parrish, Sr., Palmyra; Kellen Gillaspy, Sr., Knox County; Bryce Boudreau, Sr., Clark County; Jacob Trump, Soph., Clark County; Will McRobert, Soph., Scotland County

Fullbacks -- Connor Obert, Sr., Quincy Notre Dame; Aaron Rodhouse, Sr., Pleasant Hill

Wide receivers -- Barry Welper, Jr., Quincy Notre Dame; Jordan Nutt, Jr., Palmyra; Caleb Kizer, Jr., Palmyra; Logan Prewitt, Sr., Clark County; Chris Jackson, Jr., Scotland County

Tight ends -- Seth Holtschlag, Soph., Quincy High School; Logan Schutte, Jr., Quincy Notre Dame; Boe Smith, Jr., Pleasant Hill; Marcus Landes, Sr., Central-Southeastern; Lincoln Jones, Sr., Clark County

Linemen -- Jacob Paul, Sr., Quincy High School; Eric Niemann, Sr., Quincy Notre Dame; Nathan Banta, Sr., Brown County; Austin Beard, Sr., Pittsfield; Luke Muegge, Sr., Unity-Payson; Braden Damon, Sr., Pleasant Hill; Keenan Latham, Jr., Pleasant Hill; Blake Smith, Jr., Pleasant Hill; Eann Diller, Jr., Central-Southeastern; Mike Johnson, Jr., Central-Southeastern; Aaron Foreman, Jr., Palmyra; Austin Hightower, Jr., Palmyra; Philip Mason, Jr., Clark County

First-Team Defense

Bobby Gruenloh, Lineman, Sr., Palmyra

Kyle Kovar, Lineman, Sr., Clark County

Drew Miller, Lineman, Sr., Central-Southeastern

Luke Ross, Lineman, Sr., Clark County

Kaleb Spiekermeier, Lineman, Sr., Illini West

River Bugh, Linebacker, Jr., Quincy High School

Connor Obert, Linebacker, Sr., Quincy Notre Dame

Chris Sparks, Linebacker, Sr., Highland

Douglas Weese, Linebacker, Sr., Central-Southeastern

Nick Weiman, Linebacker, Sr., Quincy Notre Dame

Caleb Bieniek, Defensive back, Sr., Hannibal

Lijah Harrison, Defensive back, Jr., Hannibal

Dalton Heubner, Defensive back, Sr., Central-Southeastern

Logan Prewitt, Defensive back, Sr., Clark County


Second-Team Defense

Austin Beard, Lineman, Sr., Pittsfield

Clay Finklea, Lineman, Sr., Quincy High School

Ben Holtschlag, Lineman, Sr., Quincy Notre Dame

Gage Klitz, Lineman, Jr., Unity-Payson

Nathan Mekdara, Lineman, Sr., Brown County

Ben Althoff, Linebacker, Jr., Palmyra

Ben Gittings, Linebacker, Sr., Illini West

Lincoln Jones, Linebacker, Sr., Clark County

Marcus Landes, Linebacker, Sr., Central-Southeastern

Alex Blackford, Linebacker, Sr., South Shelby

Alec Bland, Defensive back, Sr., Palmyra

Jordan Chapel, Defensive back, Jr., Quincy Notre Dame

Derick Smith, Defensive back, Sr., Highland

Michael Scoggan, Defensive back, Sr., Brown County

Honorable Mention Defense

Linemen -- Seth Holtschlag, Soph., Quincy High School; Kelyn Connor, Sr., Quincy High School; Jeremy Freiden, Sr., Quincy Notre Dame; Austin Davis, Jr., Hannibal; Austin Hardy, Sr., West Hancock; Braden Damon, Sr., Pleasant Hill; Keenan Latham, Jr., Pleasant Hill; Austin Rossiter, Sr., Central-Southeastern; Jacob Waters, Jr., Central-Southeastern; Riley Schmitz, Sr., South Shelby; Mark Hoerr, Jr., Palmyra; Nathan Miller, Sr., Knox County; Monte Sally, Sr., Scotland County

Linebackers -- Jaydon Summy, Sr., Quincy High School; Chad Thompson, Sr., Quincy Notre Dame; Justin Price, Sr., Hannibal; Kenny Little, Jr., Pittsfield; Kolbie Schilson, Sr., West Hancock; Kale Carlisle, Sr., Illini West; Aaron Rodhouse, Sr., Pleasant Hill; Mike Johnson, Jr., Central-Southeastern; Alex Bross, Jr., Palmyra; Jed Troutman, Linebacker, Jr., Scotland County Tyler Hetheriton, Sr., Monroe City; Blake Grice, Sr., Monroe City; Jared Barneard, Sr., Knox County; Rye Hunziker, Jr., Clark County; Jacob Trump, Soph., Clark County; Bryson Bertelli, Sr., Clark County

Defensive back -- Ethan Rockhold, Sr., Quincy High School; Will Klusmeyer, Jr., Unity-Payson; Layton Wilson, Jr., Palmyra; Brett Smith, Sr., Palmyra; Grant O'Bryan, Jr., Monroe City; Royce Poore, Jr., Knox County; Jayvin Ray, Jr., Clark County



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'There's always going to be that hole': North Shelby football team playing through pain of losing teammate, classmate
The North Shelby community was rocked when four students were in a car crash on Sept. 24. North Shelby student Joshua Kennison was pronounced dead at the scene, while freshman football player Jakob Pratt died Oct. 11. The Raiders know it is a journey to move past the tragedy that struck their community over the last month, but they know they can do things to help the process.