Quincy Park District board approves $7.5 million budget for 2013

Posted: Dec. 12, 2012 10:17 pm Updated: Jan. 2, 2013 11:15 pm

By DON O'BRIENHerald-Whig Staff Writer

There was little debate Wednesday night as the Quincy Park District Board of Commissioners passed its fiscal 2013 budget. The board unanimously voted to approve a $7.5 million budget that almost mirrored what the Park District worked with in 2012.

"We're pleased," said John Frankenhoff, the park board president. "This has been months in the process. The board is unified on it. There wasn't much disagreement on how we want to go about next year. There are no significant increases. There are no major projects unless something happens on the grand for the (Cedar Creek) trail. It's rather routine, frankly."

The park district will operate at a planned $781,632 deficit. The park district expects to bring in $6.7 million in revenue in 2013.

"In all cases where there is a deficit in the budget, it reflects spending down of reserve funds," said Ed Seger, executive director for the park district, in addressing the board. "We're spending money we already had in the bank to a very specific capital purchase project."

In other budgetary moves, the board accepted a low bid of 1.1 percent from Heartland Bank and Trust Co. on an $800,000 bond. The money will be used for various capital projects that the park district has in its plans for 2013. The park district will receive the money on Jan. 10 and have the loan repaid in full, including $6,380 in interest, by Oct. 1, 2013. The bid was 0.05 percent lower than a similar bid this year, which will result in an estimated 2012 property tax rate of 0.1610. That figure is down slightly from the 0.1623 that Quincy taxpayers paid in 2011.

Frankenhoff noted that the quick payment of the bond will help reduce interest the park district has to pay to the lender.

The board also accepted a low bid from Leander Construction to do work on the park district's future headquarters at 1231 Bonansinga Drive. Leander, which is based in Canton, Ill., had the lowest of six bids at $630,900. Bids were opened on Dec. 5. Total price of the project is projected to be $679,221. In addition to the contract amount, $25,000 is needed to fund work in the contract, which includes video systems, alarms, information technology and voice over Internet protocol equipment and installation. An additional $23,311 was added for contingency purposes. Money to fund the project will come from four line items in the 2013 budget -- the Bayview Property Development Fund (118,225), a transfer from unused bond funds ($280,986), funds designated from the 2013 bond ($150,000) and a transfer from corporate and recreation reserve funds ($130,000).


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