Two counties meet grant fund match goals

Posted: Dec. 21, 2012 12:11 pm Updated: Jan. 11, 2013 1:15 pm

Residents of two area counties have even more incentive to meet a $15,000 match which will provide permanent charitable resources.

Two $15,000 pledges for the Palmyra State Bank/Bank of Hannibal Fund and the Bank of Quincy Fund were announced this week. Those funds will serve the respective counties in which the banks are located -- Marion County in Missouri and Adams County in Illinois.

The Community Foundation of the Quincy Area announced last month a match initiative for the 13 counties in its three-state service area. Each county that raises $15,000 to establish a county endowment qualifies for a one-to-one match of up to $15,000.

Once the goals have been met, the Palmyra State Bank/Bank of Hannibal Fund and the Bank of Quincy Fund also will serve as permanent resources benefiting the respective counties. Grants from the funds will support charitable organizations, projects and programs in the respective counties.

Counties will have their own fund councils to help secure donations to build the county endowments to earn the match, and to review grant applications.

"Our bank was formed for the interest of the people as a whole," said Jerry Trower, president of Palmyra State Bank and Bank of Hannibal. "We have many long-term local employees. We make decisions locally. And, we have been supportive of our local communities. This fund is a long-term investment for the future of our county and its residents."

Mark Hayes, president of Bank of Quincy, echoed those remarks.

"Our bank has supported the community through various fund drives and charitable activities. This endowment will mean that generations of Adams County residents yet to come will have a source of funds for charitable various uses," he said.

Counties that decide to establish an endowment have until Nov. 1, 2015, to raise the $15,000 needed to secure the match.

"We're confident that the match initiative will bring people together to support local charitable needs and opportunities in each of our counties. County endowments will help retain local assets for today and tomorrow -- permanently -- for each county," Jill Arnold Blickhan, executive director of the Community Foundation, said.

For details, contact the Community Foundation at (217) 222-1237 or, or online at


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