Answers: Questions about odd-numbered streets, Moorman Park dam

Posted: Jan. 4, 2013 7:02 pm Updated: Nov. 28, 2014 2:32 pm
Dam at Moorman Park (H-W Photo/Steve Bohnstedt)

Because we work at AppleWhite Dental at 1261 Maine, we are asked repeatedly why there is no 13th Street on Maine Street. Please help!

A map of the city shows that much of Quincy has a road for every block, except for the area between Vermont and State, from 12th to 24th, where there are no odd-numbered north-south streets.

Staff Writer Edward Husar thought it might have had something to do with the way the city was platted by John Wood, because Wood owned the mansion built at 12th and State and he also owned several parcels of land nearby.

However, Jean Kay, research librarian for the Historical Society of Quincy and Adams County, said she could find no reason for the lack of odd-numbered streets.

"Perhaps it was because when this area was developed, larger lots were created for the bigger homes that were built there," Kay said. "Not having the odd-numbered streets would have created less traffic and a more ‘exclusive' residential area ... but that's just a guess."

Phil Germann, a former history teacher and a retired executive director of the Historical Society, said he's never found any information about the way the streets are numbered.

"If you go back to the 1840s, the addresses were 13 Maine, 74 Maine. There was no 700 block of Maine," Germann said. "A numbering change came in the late 1800s because the old way was more complicated and convoluted. But as to why there are no odd-numbered streets in that area, I've never seen any explanation for it."


A "Bids Wanted" ad recently appeared in The Herald-Whig classifieds about the Quincy Park District's notification of a "Proposed Change of Hazard Classification at Moorman Park Dam in Adams County." Why is a change needed, and why is it being done now?

Ed Seger, executive director of the Quincy Park District, told Staff Writer Don O'Brien that the Moorman Park dam is inspected annually by Park District staff members. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources inspected the dam during its normal review, which happens every other year.

Seger said the IDNR inspector said the dam was classified higher than it needed to be. Lowering the classification for the dam would lead to less frequent inspections by the IDNR. Seger said the dam will continue to be inspected annually by Park District staff.

Seger said the decision to make the change was initiated by the IDNR after its summer visit. It never was discussed during a Park Board meeting.

All statements regarding the change must be delivered to the IDNR by Jan. 25.


An update on the property on the northeast corner of 24th and Chestnut ...

The Dec. 22 edition of this column reported that Druffel's Tavern was demolished on the northeast corner of the intersection during summer 1996 as the street was being widened. That statement was partly correct.

Reader Irene Bandy wrote in to say that the widening of the street started in 1994. (The date of the demolishing of the tavern was still correct). Bandy and her husband, Harold, leased the property from Norma McNay on the southeast corner of the intersection and operated an auto repair business called Harold's Auto Service.

Reservoir Park and its tennis courts were on the northwest corner of the intersection, and a large utility pole was on the northeast corner. Bandy said much of the space needed to widen the intersection was taken from the property on the southeast corner.


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