Workers told final date of mail sorting at Quincy postal facility Feb. 2; Postal Service won't confirm

Greg Douglas operates a mail canceling machine Friday at the Quincy Postal Service Processing and Distribution Facility. Employees have learned that the final day of operations will be Feb. 2. (H-W Photo/Michael Kipley)
Posted: Jan. 11, 2013 11:49 am Updated: Feb. 1, 2013 12:15 pm

An employee at the U.S. Postal Service Regional Distribution Facility, 4330 Postal Drive, said workers recently were told that Feb. 2 will be the final date of mail sorting operations

However, officials with the U.S. Postal Service said they do not know when Quincy's postal processing site will close for good.

"The Quincy plant has not been signed off on," Valerie Welsch, Gateway District Communication Program Specialist, said. "It would not be official until it is signed off on. The process is in the works. I would think that some time between now and March 1 we will know exactly when it will end operations."

As of Friday, the Quincy facility had 48 clerks on the roster and 13 in the maintenance department.

Five of the clerks are taking early retirement incentives and will be gone Jan. 31, and one clerk voluntarily transferred to Champaign in November, leaving the facility with 42 clerks, the employee said.

After the facility closes, 16 clerks will remain — 14 assigned to the main post office and two to the Orville Browning Station. The other 26 clerks will lose their positions and be "excessed" to other facilities, the employee said, but have not yet been notified of their new assignments. Postal management is required to give employees affected a 30-day notice of new assignment.  

The Quincy site is one of 140 postal processing facilities that will be eliminated in 2013. The site currently processes mail for the 634 and 635 ZIP codes. The 634 mail will be routed to a facility in St. Louis, and the 635 mail will be handed by a processing site in Columbia, Mo.

Quincy-area mail, which originates in the 623 ZIP code area, has been processed at a Springfield, Ill., plant since August.

Seven clerks became letter carriers in August, with three transferred elsewhere for a loss of 10 clerks, the employee said.

The maintenance department has six custodians and seven technicians. When the plant closes, only four custodial positions will remain. One technician took early retirement, with the remaining six moved somewhere yet to be determined.

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