Answers: Questions about Cape Air, pedestrian crosswalks and local gun ranges

Posted: Jan. 11, 2013 8:34 pm Updated: Nov. 28, 2014 2:32 pm

What will happen to Cape Air's codeshare agreement with American if American merges with US Airways? Will it automatically transfer over? How soon until my bags can switch to a US Airways flight in St. Louis?

Trish Lorino, managing director of marketing and public relations for Cape Air in Hyannis, Mass., said the airline has been through similar exercises many times in the past.

"When our partners go through a merger, we work closely with them to ensure that our codeshare agreement, ticketing and baggage agreements continue accordingly," Lorino said in an email reply.

Cape Air's codeshare partnership in the Midwest with American Airlines means easy connections, baggage transfers and access to several destinations served by American out of Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

Reuters reported earlier this week that the board of AMR Corp., American Airlines' parent company, was to meet to review the option of merging with US Airways versus an alternative plan to exit bankruptcy as a standalone company. A conclusion is expected to be made within a matter of weeks.


Why can't the city make a pedestrian crosswalk between the Quincy Medical Group parking lot and their Hampshire facility between the parking lot entrance and the sidewalk leading to the main door? Those extra steps west to the designated crosswalk at the intersection add to the discomfort of patients already in pain or with breathing problems. And most people don't cross at that crosswalk anyway. Why can't they be protected where they can conveniently cross?

City Engineer Jeff Steinkamp says the Traffic Commission has had similar requests over the past several years, and it has recommended denials of each to the City Council because mid–block pedestrian crosswalks are "inherently dangerous, unsafe and give the pedestrian a false sense of security."

Steinkamp said motorists don't expect to encounter pedestrians in the middle of the block, and in most cases, the pedestrians are hidden from traffic by parked cars. He said statistics prove that a pedestrian has a 50 percent greater chance of being fatally injured at a mid-block crosswalk versus a normal intersection crosswalk.

Steinkamp said the QMG facility was designed with a drop-off area and adequate accessible parking spaces for patients to help people with health issues. He added that one standard justification for a mid-block crosswalk requires a minimum distance of 300 feet to the nearest intersection crosswalk. On Hampshire, the intersection crosswalk at 11th Street is only 75 feet away from where some people cut across the street.


Is there a gun range anywhere around Quincy where a person could go to practice with a handgun?

PASA Park in Barry, also known as the Pike Adams Sportsman's Alliance, has facilities where shooters can practice with handguns, rifles or shotguns. The West Quincy Gun Club also has facilities for shooting skeet and trap with shotguns, but not handguns or rifles. There also are sporting clays and five-stand ranges in the area available for shotgunners.


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