One week after heart attack, Musolino praises EMTs, Blessing

Jim Musolino
Posted: Jan. 15, 2013 1:46 pm Updated: Jan. 29, 2013 2:15 pm

Quincy Aldermen Jim Musolino, R-6, attended Monday's City Council meeting, less than a week after suffering a heart attack.

Musolino, 42, said he had just arrived home after work last Tuesday when he began to experience chest pain.

"Within 45 minutes of the ambulance arriving at my house, I was in a recovery room with a stent in, because I had (an artery with) 100 percent blockage," he said.

Musolino had nothing but praise for local first responders and the staff at Blessing Hospital.

"From the 911 call, they had my wife acting right away," he said. "The lady stayed on the phone with my wife. Everything was like an orchestra. Everyone knew their position."

By the time Musolino arrived in the emergency room, hospital personnel were already informed of his condition and immediately started treatment.

"I was probably in the emergency room maybe five minutes getting prepped," he said. "Five minutes after that I was up in the heart (catheterization) lab."

Musolino was released from the hospital Thursday.

Having a heart attack is unfortunate for anybody, Musolino said, "but if you have to be in a town to have it happen in, this town is well-versed on what they need to do, and that goes from the 911 operator all the way up."