City's comprehensive plan tabled for a month by Plan Commission

Posted: Feb. 12, 2013 8:42 pm Updated: Feb. 26, 2013 9:15 pm

Herald-Whig Staff Writer

The Quincy Plan Commission voted Tuesday night to table any decision on the upgraded draft of the city's comprehensive plan.

Commission member Dave Bellis suggested the delay to allow newer members of the commission adequate time to study the plan. Bellis and Elaine Davis have only been a part of the commission for two months.

Chuck Bevelheimer, the director of the department of planning and development, was not surprised by the tabling.

"There's no reason to rush this through," he said. "I would like all members of the commission to have adequate time to look at it."

The comprehensive plan will be on the March 12 Plan Commission agenda, and if approved it will be sent to City Council.

Prior to the tabling, Bevelheimer addressed the commission briefly on the Neighborhood Land Use Plan that is a part of the overall comprehensive plan. He revealed some of the findings from the 12 neighborhood meetings that helped planning leaders develop the land use plan, including:

º In the more urban areas of the city, particularly west of 12th Street, there is a strong desire to see more pride of ownership in properties.

º Age of the city's infrastructure is also a concern in the more urban areas.

º In the outlying areas, or "suburbs" as referred to by Bevelheimer, one of the chief concerns is protecting against any multi-family structures.

º There is also a strong desire throughout the city for the connecting of the trail system, especially in the newer areas of town that are not part of the sidewalk grid.

In the only other action, the commission approved a proposed subdivision in Melrose Township that would create a 2.51-acre lot on the east side of South 48th Street.

The lot would be split from a 20-acre parent tract. The subdivision will be known as Venvertloh Estates. Petitioners were Kyle and Kim Venvertloh.




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