School Board to seek bids for work on estimated $416,009 in life-safety projects

Posted: Feb. 15, 2013 6:43 pm Updated: Mar. 8, 2013 10:15 pm

By EDWARD HUSARHerald-Whig Staff Writer

The Quincy School Board's Building Committee on Friday recommended the board seek bids for an estimated $416,009 of life-safety projects to be carried out this summer.

The biggest project on the list calls for spending an estimated $162,000 to resurface the lower parking lot at Quincy High School and construct a concrete pavement bus lane. Some lights will be installed, as well.

This project would be a continuation of some work done last year to reconfigure the entrance into the QHS parking lot as part of a Safe Routes to School project carried out in conjunction with the city of Quincy.

As part of last year's project, a temporary drive was installed at the entrance to the parking lot. Dennis Peters, Quincy School District director of maintenance, said the temporary drive will be removed and some grading work will be completed before the lower lot gets resurfaced.

At one point last year, school officials talked about the possibility of resurfacing the entire QHS parking lot, including the upper section to the east of the new entrance.

But Peters said the district doesn't have enough money available for such an ambitious project.

"That would have been great, but without bonding, we don't have the money," Peters told The Herald-Whig in an interview.

So the district will simply push forward this year with resurfacing the lower parking lot, which is in dire need of repair.

"It's shot," Peters said.

The list of life-safety projects to be carried out this summer also includes a number of fire alarm upgrades at Adams, Berrian and Ellington elementary schools; Baldwin Intermediate School; Quincy Junior High School; and QHS.

"In the last year, we've had more issues with fire alarms than anything, and we can't get parts for those. They're just outdated," Peters told the Building Committee.

Peters said he had been hoping to schedule some needed roof repairs on school buildings with dollars available for life-safety work this summer, but the fire alarm enhancements took precedence.

"We have to have the fire alarms," he said.

Rich Royalty, who is serving as interim business manager while Joel Murphy serves as interim superintendent, said the cost estimates for many of the life-safety projects being planned for this summer were initially prepared eight years ago, when the shopping list of needed repairs was originally put together.

"So when the bids come in, they might be a little higher" than the $416,009 estimated total cost, Royalty told the committee.

The committee also recommended that the School Board seek bids for trash collection and recycling services. The bid specifications call for a one-year contract, with the board having the option for two one-year renewals.

In other action, the committee heard an update on plans to have students from the Quincy Area Vocational Technical Center's building trades classes carry out a remodeling project at the district-owned house at 2424 High St.

Peters said some demolition work has begun at the house, which will eventually be sold after it is renovated.

Peters said some preliminary testing at the property showed no asbestos in the building but some lead paint was found on the exterior around some windows. He said the lead will have to removed by a certified asbestos abatement professional before renovations begin on the exterior.


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