Two new programs aim to give C-SC students edge in job market

Posted: Feb. 19, 2013 9:59 am Updated: Mar. 12, 2013 6:15 pm

CANTON, Mo. -- Culver-Stockton College has introduced two programs intended to give students an edge in the job market.

The programs -- a four-year graduation guarantee and an e-portfolio -- were both developed in the past year. They are designed to help C-SC graduates become as marketable as possible to potential employers or graduate schools.

According to a news release from the college, 97 percent of all C-SC graduates are already employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation. The new programs are aimed at boosting that success rate even higher.

"We are providing our students with efficiently packaged, high-impact career preparation," said Daniel Silber, vice president of academic affairs and dean of the college.

"The four-year graduation guarantee means that students have a real opportunity to graduate in only four years at a time when the length and expense of a college education is going up elsewhere. We are also excited about introducing the e-portfolio program to more students. A traditional resume tells prospective employers what you have learned and what you can do after college, but an electronic portfolio actually shows them."

The graduation guarantee, which started last fall for freshman entering C-SC, is intended to make sure students can earn a bachelor's degree in four years. According to the news release, U.S. Department of Education statistics show the median time it took students to earn a bachelor's degree in 2008 was more than 4 1/2 years.

By signing the new four-year graduation guarantee, C-SC students will be assured they graduate in a timely manner provided they follow the guidelines set forth by the college and approach their studies seriously. If the student follows the requirements of the guarantee and doesn't graduate in four years, C-SC will waive any additional tuition costs toward credits required to graduate.

The e-portfolio program gives each graduating student an advanced digital resume comprising projects and assignments that the student completed at C-SC as a way of documenting his experiences and accomplishments. The portfolios highlight examples of work, essays, photos from internships, service projects, travel courses, recorded samples of fine arts events, and recommendations by faculty and staff.

"Our students have so many unique experiences that make them marketable to employers, and the e-portfolios are a tool that allows students to tell that story," said Holly Andress-Martin, director of the Student Success Center. "When students have as many opportunities for experiential learning as ours do, a traditional resume just doesn't provide a complete picture."

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