Quincy School District to launch review of discipline policies in local schools

Posted: Feb. 20, 2013 9:29 pm Updated: Mar. 6, 2013 10:15 pm

Herald-Whig Staff Writer

The Quincy School Board's Policy Committee plans to review the disciplinary policies at all Quincy schools to see whether some changes are needed to make the policies more uniform and effective.

Tom Dickerson, the committee's chairman, announced at Wednesday's School Board meeting that school officials plan to launch the review immediately. Dickerson said he plans to meet this week with interim Superintendent Joel Murphy and the board's legal counsel, Dennis Gorman, to develop a timeline for reviewing the various disciplinary policies and implementing some changes.

Dickerson said the purpose in all this is basically "to assess the district's disciplinary policies across each school so we can better understand what's being done, and then look at best practices and see how we can move forward with standardizations by age across the entire district."

The review is bring driven by "some great strides in some of our buildings over the past year or so," Dickerson said. "We've had some real successes, and I think the board is seeing some of those successes and wants to capitalize on those and make sure that we're able to spread those across the entire district."

For example, Quincy Junior High School officials implemented a tougher discipline policy in August that has resulted in fewer fights, less profanity, and a sharp decline in defiance and disrespect.

Some elementary schools also have been taking steps to reduce disciplinary referrals in their buildings.

Dickerson said school officials "want to get good input across the district" on what's going on with discipline in local schools.

He said the Policy Committee plans to begin studying the issue "in the next month or so."

Also at Wednesday's meeting, the board agreed to seek bids for an estimated $416,009 of life-safety projects to be carried out this summer. The biggest project on the list calls for spending an estimated $162,000 to resurface the lower parking lot at Quincy High School and construct a concrete pavement bus lane. Some lights will be installed, as well.

The board also agreed to seek bids for trash collection and recycling services. The bid specifications call for a one-year contract, with the board having the option for two one-year renewals.




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