Dennis Rodman 'ignorant' to praise North Korea

Posted: Mar. 7, 2013 8:54 am Updated: Mar. 28, 2013 10:15 am


To The Herald-Whig:

I couldn't believe what I read in The Herald-Whig Friday about Dennis Rodman calling the Kims' great leaders of North Korea. He must be one big ignorant buffoon. He ranks right up there with Hanoi Jane Fonda back during the Vietnam War.

Apparently, Rodman has never visited the ROK (Republic of Korea) soldiers or the citizens of South Korea living in a constant threat of danger. Why is there a heavily guarded fence between the divided countries? Maybe he should go up to the guard outposts of Collier and Oulette. I remember them well.

Propaganda was spewed out at night by loud speakers and propaganda leaflets would float out of the sky at night while we would be up on the DMZ. I asked one of my Korean soldiers, who was assigned to our unit, about the leaflets. He looked at it, yelled "liars," tore the leaflet up and mumbled some colorful Korean language. I still have one of these propaganda leaflets yet today. It reminds me of the evil of the three Kims.

Rodman doesn't understand communism and brutality. If he was an actual citizen of that evil regime those nose, lip and ear rings would be yanked out with wire hooks. Would he then be saying, "Guess what, I love him. That guy is really awesome."?

If he was a citizen of North Korea he would be forced to say that quote or face the consequences of forced labor in a re-education indoctrination labor prison. Yes, the North Koreans are honest to their awesome leader. If not they are shipped off and never seen again.

Our youth need to understand the consequences of communism. It has its rewards if opposed -- forced labor and death.


Stephen Moore

Camp Point


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