On the Street: The trouble with a metal roof, local connection and success story

Posted: Mar. 9, 2013 12:01 am Updated: Apr. 6, 2013 8:02 pm


DARNED METAL ROOF: An area homeowner who had a metal roof installed on his home last summer recently experienced two of the problems associated with such roofs simultaneously. A cellphone call came in one day while a second round of heavy snow was falling and the cell signal was garbled because of the metal and perhaps the snow as well. Stepping outdoors, the man got a little better reception and loudly asked the caller to repeat what had been said. That's when a large chunk of snow just over the man's head broke loose and hit him. To top it all off, it was a wrong number, on his wife's phone, and she thought the man's snowy encounter was funny.

LOCAL CONNECTION: Jase, Si, Willie and the rest of the gang on "Duck Dynasty," one of the most popular shows on cable television, visited the Danken Trail restaurant in Monroe, La., to eat barbecue. Footage from their visit was aired as part of the "Drag Me to Glory" episode that first appeared on the A&E Channel on Nov. 28 and has aired multiple times in reruns. The Danken Trail is owned by Dave Johnson, who lived in Quincy for 35 years and is the son of former Adams County Coroner Wayne Johnson. His mother, Christina, still lives in Quincy. The show is about the Robertson family, which owns a thriving duck call business and stays true to their family values and lifestyle. "What you see on TV is how they are," Johnson said. "They're as common as can be. They've been in here a couple of times. Mountain Man (a neighbor to the Robertson and a semi-regular cast member) was just in here to buy banana pudding the other day. They're all just laid back people."

ANOTHER SUCCESS STORY: For the second straight year, Jasmine Cobb's decision to forego receiving birthday presents in lieu of donations to the American Cancer Society was a success. The 11-year-old Quincy girl collected $1,097 -- and climbing, up from $955 in 2012. Jasmine's idea was to honor her grandfather, Phillip Cobb, a cancer survivor. The Cobb family hosted the event at March 2 the Good Samaritan Home Social Room. Donations are still coming in, according to Jasmine's mom, Brooke Cobb.


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