Copley balks at wording of Front, Hampshire stop sign ordinance

Posted: Mar. 12, 2013 10:00 am Updated: Apr. 9, 2013 11:15 am

Herald-Whig Staff Writer

An ordinance that would make Front and Hampshire a four-way stop was amended Monday by the Quincy City Council after Police Chief Rob Copley said it shouldn't be up to him to order installation of signs.

The original draft of the ordinance would have installed the signs at the direction of Copley. He said the council should decide when they are installed.

"That is not my place," he said. "That is a legislative body function. I'm an executive officer, and it is not my position to make that decision."

The four-way stop was requested by the owner of Johnny Bang Bang's, Duane Venvertloh, who says a national franchise wants to operate in the closed nightclub. One of the stipulations is that the intersection become a four-way stop.

Venvertloh said he signed a nondisclosure agreement with the franchise, but said a restaurant and bar would employ between 75 and 100 people and serve 500 to 600 patrons a day.

"(This) is a political issue that you guys need to bounce around and see where you want to go with," Copley said.

Alderman Jack Holtschlag, D-7, made the motion to amend the ordinance that would require the signs to be installed 45 days before the opening of the restaurant.

Aldermen agreed to amend the ordinance by a 9-4 vote, with Aldermen Virgil Goehl, D-1, Glenda "LeXze" Mann, R-1, Steve Duesterhaus, D-2, and Dave Bauer, D-2, dissenting. Alderman Mike Farha, R-4, voted present. A final vote is not expected for two weeks.

Aldermen also approved a resolution to receive $1.1 million in motor fuel tax money for maintenance. City Engineer Jeff Steinkamp said the money is distributed to communities on a per-capita basis and the city must allocate the money before the start of the fiscal year May 1.

He said the city is required to submit a list of projects to the Illinois Department of Transportation within 30 days.



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