Quincy launches changes to website for first time in five years

Posted: Mar. 15, 2013 7:01 pm Updated: Mar. 29, 2013 11:15 pm

Herald-Whig Staff Writer

The city of Quincy has unveiled the first updates to its website in five years.

Jim Murphy, the city's director of information technologies, said the site is expected to be easier to navigate.

"In the past, if you needed a permit or a license, you had to find it in that department," he said. "Today, if you go to permits, they're going to be listed there in alphabetical order."

The website was silently launched late Monday afternoon, with city officials showing off the new design Friday at a City Hall news conference.

One feature of the site is that it will adjust to different sized screens, including mobile devices.

"We still have many folks in the community who have a 15-inch screen, and now we have many that have 22 and on up type screens," Murphy said. "They'll still be able to see all the information without scrolling around."

The city previously posted what it was bidding on, such as contracts for janitorial supplies or a new generator for City Hall. Now, vendors can download bidding packets directly from the website.

Murphy said most of the information on the new website is from the city's old website but more will be added. That includes moving away from the PDF maps the city currently uses and switching to interactive maps. Maps on the website can be used to check ward boundaries, snow routes, bus routes and zoning.

"Basically, we're looking at doing Cloud services with (the city's mapping vendor), which will allow us to pull in maps from that service and have them integrated into the website," Murphy said.

He said many of the departments hope to add more content to the site.

The city's IT staff completed 75 percent of the work, with Quincy-based ETC Computerland building the content management system into the website.

Quincy Mayor John Spring lauded the new site.

"We've taken the best of everything that we saw out there and incorporated it into what we can do here and do it efficiently," he said.




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