Previous letter in error; Mendon school not seeking tax increase

Posted: Mar. 22, 2013 10:12 am Updated: Apr. 12, 2013 11:15 am


To The Herald-Whig:

In a March 21 Letter to the Editor, a statement was made by Carthage Mayor James R. Nightingale that the Mendon School District "will seek an 80-cent tax increase just to finance renovations â€" not a new school."

Contrary to that statement, the Community Unit School District No. 4 Board of Education at Mendon is not seeking an 80-cent tax increase to fund building renovations. The board did explore the cost of more than doubling the size of Mendon Elementary with a new building addition, as well as doing major renovations to the existing building, in an effort to centralize all elementary students at one location. The estimate for such a project would have required an 80-cent tax rate hike, which the board believed to be too high, so the project has been taken off the table for consideration at this time.


Diane E. Robertson


Community Unit School District 4



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