Posted: Apr. 2, 2013 9:00 pm Updated: Nov. 28, 2014 8:16 pm

Pike County Use Tax

Shall the County of Pike impose a local use tax at the same rate as the total local sales tax rate, currently 1 1/2 percent, for the privilege of constructing and maintaining hard surface roads, provided that if any county sales tax is repealed, reduced or raised by voter approval, the respective local use tax shall also be repealed, reduced or raised by the same action? A use tax return shall not be required to by filed by persons whose purchases from out of state vendors do not in total exceed $2,000 in any calendar year.

Yes 758

No 1,106


Pike County Memorial Hospital

Board Member

(One elected; five-year term)

Kevin Keely 996

Gene P. Smith 733


Louisiana R-II School District

Board Members

(Two elected; three-year term)

Allen Telle 237

Rob Lumley 379

Lori Helkey 400


Van-Far R-I School District

Board Members

(Two elected; three-year term)

Christina L. Nelson 11

Charles M. Scrogin 13

Kevin Motley 16


Pike County R-III School District

Board Members

(Two elected; three-year term)

Bob Danuser 144

Daniel Street 198

Don Gerken Jr. 63

Robert Hall 247

Kim Hunter 235



Board Member

(One elected; one-year unexpired term)

Doug Shinn 286

Cindy Browning 365

Joe Klott 499


Louisiana Special Road District

Road Commissioner

(One elected; three-year term)

Rick Niffen 267

Paul Hamilton 366


City of Louisiana

Ward I


(One elected; two-year term)

Ann Handford 73

Salvatore (Sal) Pollice 96


Ward ll


(One elected; two-year term)

Kathleen (Kathy) Smith 75

Don Oakley 47


Ward IIl


(One elected; two-year term)

James D. Minor 64

Bart Niedner 95


City of Clarksville

South Ward Alderman

(One elected; two-year term)

Joanna Brock 27

Boyd Mills 20


Bowling Green

Proposition S

Shall the City of Bowling Green impose a sales tax one half cent for the purpose of funding street improvements and other capital improvements?

Yes 144

No 169




Village of Eolia

Board of Trustees

(Three elected; two-year term)

John J. Burbridge 57

Larry LaFave 46

Chris Lair 33

Tim Nothaker 59

Kathleen Watson 51

David Land III 39

Larry W. Allen 32



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