Posted: Apr. 2, 2013 9:15 pm Updated: Nov. 28, 2014 8:16 pm

County of Lewis

Proposition Public Safety

Shall the County of Lewis impose an additional countywide sales tax, in the amount of one-fourth of one percent for the purpose of providing law enforcement services for the county, including, but not limited to; safe schools initiative, school resource officer, protection of school students and personnel, addressing security, safety, and employee retention at the county jail, hiring additional reserve deputies, enhancement of services of the prosecutor's office?

Yes 846

No 681


Common Road District No. 1

Proposition R

Shall the Common Road District No. 1 of Lewis County continue the present additional levy of 21 cents per $100 valuation for a period of four years, per Article 10, Section 12A, of the Constitution of Missouri?

Yes 719

No 325

Canton Special Road District

Board Member

(One elected; three-year term)

William Paulsen 146

Cody Kaylor 103


Lewis County C-1 School District


(Two elected; three-year term)

Robert Reed Miller 697

Terry Faulconer 575

David Porter 457

Tina Abell 507



(One elected for one-year unexpired term)

Jamie Brennan 669

Darren L. Neisen 472


Clark County R-1 School District

Proposition 1


(Two elected; three year term)

Penny Boulware 0

Craig Hunzider 0

Mark Plenge 0

Ron Gregory 0

Ruth Brotherton 0


School District No. 1 Knox County

Board Members

(Two elected; three-year service)

Shelly Bugh 0

Jerry Nichols 0

Nathan J. Shinkle 0

Krista Holman 0


City of Ewing


(One elected)

Dean Wagy 19

Linda K. Lueckenhoff 56

Dan Ray 39



1st Ward

(One elected; two-year term)

Bonnie Penn 12

Eugene Jones 32

Jeff A. Bruhl 8


2nd Ward

(One elected; two-year term)

Kathy Sparks 42

Tonya Lair 16


City of LaBelle


Shall the City of LaBelle continue a $0.1000 cent tax levy on $100 assessed valuation for general municipal purposes, to be designated for street repairs and maintenance, for four years?

Yes 77

No 26



North Ward

(Two elected; two-year term)

Roy Lewis Sr. 39

Jonah Lewis 20

Benny Kaylor 26



Village of Monticello

Board Members

(Five elected; one-year term)

All will be write-ins

Vancell Scifres 15

Tom Darnell 11

Tim Grgurich 11

Sean Burchette 10

Alan Caudell 6



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