Moore, Smith have earned vote as Quincy mayor, 6th Ward alderman

Posted: Apr. 3, 2013 7:30 am Updated: Apr. 24, 2013 10:15 am


To The Herald-Whig:

Stagnation is where I think this city's direction is going. Dollars being spent unwisely, job losses, companies moving out of town, old streets, street without curbs, old sewers, water lines. Same old story. The Democrats have had 60-plus years, it's time for a change, one with young, fresh ideas, ideas with a future that will benefit young and old.

As a Republican, I have voted both ways. We deserve someone with new ideas for getting companies back to Quincy, a man who will not spend money wastefully, a young man who wants to see this generation as well as the future generations prosper. (Just because you are young, this does not mean you are not qualified.)

We can't afford to lose any more. Vote for Kyle Moore for mayor.

Dan Brink, current 6th Ward alderman, claims that he listens to and answers all calls from his ward. I have called Dan Brink many times in the past four years and he has not returned one of my calls and I know him. Dan, you asked for my vote when you first ran for alderman, saying that you would listen to the people of this ward. We discussed the old streets around the 18th and Ohio area and others which haven't been replaced in more than 35 years. You said you would address these when elected, you replaced the streets in your neighborhood by St. Charles, streets not near as old, and are promising more in your area, I understand. You failed me and I will no longer support you.

I personally know Jerry Smith, your opponent. It is not about money or benefits to him. It is about the genuine care of the ward he lives in, as he does for the community as a Quincy firefighter, who can vote on all issues except for the fire department, if elected alderman. A man who knows that in politics, you vote on how people feel and on what is most important to them, not what you want. I believe Jerry Smith has the same great qualities as retired Democratic 6th Ward Alderman Skip Vahlkamp (who I voted for), who worked well with both parties. I strongly believe in Jerry and know he will return phone calls or meet with us on our concerns.

Vote for the person who I know will represent us best in the 6th Ward -- Jerry Smith.


Cornel Azotea




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