City, county gearing up for the construction season

Posted: May. 6, 2013 8:04 am Updated: May. 27, 2013 8:15 am

Herald-Whig Staff Writer

The city of Quincy is looking at about $2.7 million in road and sidewalk projects this summer, including one that has been in the design stages for nearly three years.

The riverfront connector trail project between Edgewater and Clat Adams parks that has been in the planning stages since 2010 is expected to move forward, City Engineer Jeff Steinkamp said.

The project includes an 8-foot-wide pedestrian trail and bike path, security fencing along the water treatment plant, landscaping and lighting, and additional parking at Clat Adams Park. A new paved entrance also will be built for Edgewater Park and the Northside Boat Club over the railroad tracks along Front Street.

The city received a $262,000 grant through the Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program and a $245,000 grant through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to help fund the project. The city is committing $122,293 in TIF money.

The city will do about two miles of asphalt resurfacing with money it receives through the motor fuel tax. Steinkamp said the city also will look at a crack-and-seal program would cover about 200 blocks, and may look at a chip-and-seal program for some streets.

"We have a five-year project plan that I have hanging on my wall, and we work our way down the list," Steinkamp said.

One of the larger projects ready is the resurfacing of South 21st Street between State and Jefferson, which is expected to take two years. "We want to get the sewer back in shape and then overlay that area," Steinkamp said.

The city is also reconstructing Van Buren between 15th and 16th streets to help with drainage issues and move forward with a Safe Routes to School project by St. Dominic Catholic School on Columbus Road.

Steinkamp said there will be curbs, gutter and sidewalk work along with some street resurfacing to make the area safer for students to walk to school.

Work on the North 12th Street sidewalk project will also be done. The project will feed into the Cedar Creek Trail, but the decision on how far build the sidewalks is unknown.

The first phase calls for adding an eight-foot-wide sidewalk from Cedar Creek to Westwood Drive. The second phase would be a five-foot-wide path from Westwood to Windsor Drive, and the third phase would extend the trail north to Koch's Lane.

Last year, the estimated cost for the project between the trail and Westwood Drive was $390,000, although that was considered high. This will be paid with $160,000 from 1st Ward funds, $90,000 from the city enhancement fund, $65,000 from the city's capital fund and $75,000 from the Quincy Park District.

The city is also looking to install vehicle traffic cameras at Eighth and Broadway and new traffic controller units at various intersections through the city. Parking Lot K, on the northeast corner of Sixth and Jersey, is also expected to be completed this summer.



Adams County is looking at more than $2 million in construction work this year, with some other potential projects on the horizon.

County Engineer Jim Frankenhoff said the county is looking at repaving Wismann Lane between 24th and 30th streets, 54th Street between Broadway and State, and widening and recycling the existing road three miles east of Golden. The county also plans to put a new bridge deck on County Highway 7 bridge two mile west of Ursa.

"We may have a bridge project later this year," Frankenhoff said. "We may have a culvert extension this year, but everything right now is hanging. Most of that is general maintenance.