C-SC, JWCC sign agreement allowing 'seamless transfer' for education majors

Posted: Jun. 18, 2013 4:51 pm Updated: Jul. 9, 2013 5:15 pm


CANTON, Mo. -- Culver-Stockton College has signed an agreement with John Wood Community College that will allow education majors to "seamlessly transfer" from JWCC to C-SC.

This so-called "2 plus 2" agreement is similar to other agreements Culver has signed with JWCC for students majoring in business administration, accounting and finance.

Under this latest agreement, beginning with the fall 2013 semester students will be able to complete two years of study at JWCC and then transfer to C-SC's Education Department. Participants will be able to graduate in four years with a bachelor of science degree in education.

"This program benefits students in many ways, especially by increasing the number of states they may be eligible to work in upon graduation," said a press release issued by C-SC.

According to C-SC officials, students who complete this program will be certified to teach in Missouri, one of 29 states that participate in the Praxis II certification program. Students who pass the Praxis II exam to become certified upon graduation can then transfer to another Praxis state without having to retake the exam.

Many states, including Missouri and Illinois, have reciprocal agreements with bordering states for teaching certification. This means that a state accepts the conferred degrees from institutions in bordering states as being up to their state's standard, though they may require additional testing or certifications. The press release said Illinois accepts degrees from Missouri colleges but requires those with Missouri degrees to take the Illinois certification test to teach in Illinois.

The "2 plus 2" program strives to make sure students graduating from JWCC will have a successful transfer. Courses required for a degree from Culver-Stockton are mapped out to JWCC students from their first semester at JWCC.


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